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Our post about Maybelline’s event at Grand Central Station got our Ace Reporter Tantejoan to report to us all live from the field..Or Um..train station!

Take it away Tantejoan! OK, here is my report:  I arrived at the Grand Central Rite Aid at 8:05 A.M. to find several women already lining up for their color consultations.  When it was my turn I introduced myself to Maybelline Color Consultant Chuck Hezekiah, who could not have been nicer or more helpful.  I was careful to tell him I was there representing hundreds of Meg’s loyal readers, so he was very generous with his time and expertise.  Basically, this promotion is for Maybelline’s COLORsensational range of lipsticks, lip glosses and liners.  They range in price from $5.19 to $7.19, and include 48 lipsticks, 12 glosses and 10 liners — a really generous array of shades organized into four groups: Pinks, Naturals, Plums and Reds.

When I met Chuck, almost the first thing he said to me was, “You are very, very lucky.”  Naturally I responded, “Don’t I know it!” but then inquired why.  According to Chuck, because my eye color is changeable — Gigi will insist it is true-blue, but depending on what I wear it can veer toward green or gray — I can wear almost any lipcolor in the collection.  People with brown eyes, on the other hand, tend to stay within one or two color palettes.

Since I was wearing a light salmon color sweater over a white camisole, Chuck showed me shades from both the pink and red groups.  Why red?  Because that’s where the peachy-corals live in MaybellineLand.  Eventually we settled on a shade called “Born With It.”  Chuck explained that whatever the color palette is each year, there is always a shade called “Born With It,” because it’s part of the company’s slogan: “Maybe She’s Born With It; Maybe It’s Maybelline.”  Sure enough, the lip gloss we chose also was called “Born With It,” so that is apparently my signature shade.  As long as I’m wearing salmon, that is.  Tomorrow, it could be “Get Nutty.”  He also provided an important piece of information when I innocently asked if these formulas were “long-lasting.”  Maybelline has done extensive consumer research, it seems, and long-wearing is not what their customers want.  (Take THAT, Revlon, with you 8-hour makeup!)  What the Maybelline Woman wants is a color that stays true, goes on creamy and doesn’t smear all over her Starbucks cup.  And in the glosses, what matters is that the color remains, not just the glossy feel.  I have noticed this tendency myself, when I check my makeup and see no color, only shine.  These glosses have no sticky feel, but do keep delivery the goods throughout the morning.  And Chuck says his ladies don’t mind touching up their lips to maintain that colorful glow.  So there.

Later in the day, all of 42nd Street around Grand Central would be bursting with vibrancy and the sounds of “Chicago,” but my visit was coming to an end.  Chuck pressed a card with $1 and $2-off coupons into my hand and told me that discounts to Chicago were mine for the asking.  Having seen it 4 times, I demurred, but I am sure he will be selling other participants, with his winning ways and good customer service.  I’m sticking with my “Born With It” for sure.  Thanks, Maybelline!

Wow! What a fun afternoon! Thanks so much for the feedback and I am going to be sure to get my hands on some of those shades! Thanks so much Tantejoan! Great reporting!

Has anyone tried the new Colorscensational line?

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