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firstattemptMeg here and I am back from my first day of school with Linda Mason.

Today was not a long day, it was 11am to about 5pm. Tomorrow IS a long day. We’re starting 8am and going until 7pm. My post about my second day of school is probably going to go something like this “I.Am.Tired…Goodnight.”

I am a little bit tired but really rejuvenated and today was just great. Too answer one of the questions that kept coming up “How old is too old to wear color?” I got your answer, straight from Linda Mason. The answer is “You ARE NEVER TOO OLD to wear color. Ever.” So there you have it. If you are a little nervous to make a big color leap then just incorporate a spot of color into your already muted or brown color palette. If you work a little blue into your brown eyeshadow then your slowly coming out of your shell and getting ready to welcome a bit of spring in. I don’t know if you’ve been reading your magazines but (this month’s Vogue page 202) they’re all shouting COLOR IS BACK!

Linda asked us to bring a picture of an ad where we liked the model’s makeup to school with us. I picked the new Akris ad. I liked how dramatic the model’s eye makeup was and how her skin was alabaster, like bleached out almost. I loved the black and red lips and the big dramatic eyebrows. I thought “Maybe by the end of all of my classes I will be brave enough to attempt something like this.”

The joke was on me.

You see after a quick break for lunch, Linda made the following statement “Please go to your makeup stations, there will be a model there. I want you to recreate the model’s makeup on the photo that you brought in.” WHAT? I felt sweat beads start to form. I am in no way prepared to do this. I have never taken a makeup class before in my life. My picture has black and red lips! Her face is almost pure white. What have I gotten myself into?

Linda explained that she knew that I was a beginner but she just wanted to see my skill level (she could have just asked!Surprised)

I apologized to my gorgeous model Laura about 100 times and explained if I knew that this was going to happen I all of sudden would love and gravitate to ads by Abercrombie. Damn me and my high-rent ways! Another time my expensive taste has managed to bite me in the ass!

So this was my first attempt ever putting makeup on a model. My very first attempt ever trying to create high-art makeup to be kind to me. I think by the end of class #2 I’ll be much better. By Friday, I’m going to be kicking butt and taking names!

Hint I learned at school today-When you are applying foundation with one of those wedge shaped sponges be sure you wet it with COLD water first. The cold water prevents the sponge from absorbing too much product so your foundation will last you much longer. The cold water will keep your pores closed while you’re applying.

Are you ready for color? How’d you think I did? Keep in mind I am a beginner!

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