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It’s obvious why we’re all here, we love beauty products. We’re nuts for them. We buy them like they’re stopping production tomorrow. But I’d bet all my chips that there’s something else that each and every one of you is crazy for too. Meg’s got a Chanel bag quench that just can’t be satisfied. Guaranteed every time Chichi is in a store, she buys a tank top. Krista can’t pass a stationary store without entering. Me? Vintage purses stop me in my tracks. And it’s not just vintage purses and beauty products for me. I collect matchbooks, old aprons, serving platters, open toe platform pumps etc. etc. And I’m sure it’s the same for you. You can list at least 5 things that you continue to buy over and over.

But there’s one item that I’m sure that each of us buys continuously. I bet you have 5 of them in your house right now, and a stash in a cabinet somewhere. From $5 drugstore brands to boutique brands that you’re embarrassed to admit what you spent. What am I talking about? Why-candles of course! It’s a girl thing, we love candles. They set a mood like no other item can. Different scents for different rooms of the house. The perfect gift for your boyfriend, to your best friend to your granny. And tell me, who doesn’t look more beautiful by candlelight?

That’s why when Joya Candles told me they were going to send a couple of candles to test, I was thrilled, especially when they confirmed they were sending ones from their Plume collection. Plume was the first luxury soy candle on the market, and to this day is still handmade in New York City and sold at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

And the excited continued when they arrived. We got 2 amazing scents: Linden Blossom and Peach Leaf (linden blossom, Turkish rose, and petal greens with a juicy finish of peach, melon, and green apple) and Orange Blossom and Wild Fig (orange flower oil combined with freshly cut fig on an elegant wood and musk base) . But I have to say, while the scents were both absolutely delicious, it was the packaging that really grabbed me, an hourglass shaped glass packaged in a curved box unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Embossed logo, metallic inks-my little graphic designer’s heart was aflutter! I see a purchase of the Lychee and Black Currant one in my near future.

So whether it’s the inspired scent combos or the distinctive and sophisticated packaging, this candle makes a stunning gift. And at $38, it’s a high-end luxury that’s pretty easy to swing. Of course, you’re probably going to get one for yourself too, you know, for your collection…

Tell us, what do you collect? See a Joya candle in your future?

Joya’s Plume Candles – Buy them Here!

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