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confettiLadies and Gentlemen – it’s the ONE, the ONLY… freak of nature on a stick…Jeanasina here with my last Wednesday Body Beautiful review for 2009! So go and grab your party hats, red lipstick, celebratory good mood enhancer of choice (this can mean ice cream) and your noise makers! Put your arms around each other and if you are alone go stand in front of your mirror so you have somebody to celebrate this moment with! I want all of you to pump up your individual volume and sway back and forth with me as I recap some memorable products for you!

It seems only fitting that first we revamp the traditional ‘auld lang syne’ song a bit to get you in the mood. Let me hear you singin’ with me – use the NEW words….ready? Hit it! “Should dated skincare products be forgot and never brought to mind? Should crusty eyeliner pens be tossed away and never touch those eyes of mine!”  Did you sing? Oh well, it’s a not a perfect fit but you get the idea. Did anyone follow me? You guys just keep singin’ your own made up version of the rest of the song while I talk.

Meg said it would be great if for my goodbye to 2009 if I would recap some of my favorite products which I agreed to do. However, don’t tell this to Meg, but…those products I reviewed over the course of this past year are in a billion different locations and drawers and zipper containers and purses and shelving areas in this house!….Holy Chit! How am I EVER going to figure out where all those products are so I can reacquaint you with them?

I have so freakin’ much product in my environment – especially since Meg entered my life that I had to go and get ‘bins’ on wheels with these separate compartments that I actually had to label “Skin Care” “Acne” “Lipsticks” “Make-up” “No special Category” etc/ not to mention what’s in my actual “make-up” drawers and in my purse! My daughter and daughter-in-law came over one day and I said “Hey! Do you guy’s need any makeup or skin care maybe?” They said “Sure!” So I wheeled out my labeled bins and they pretty much said “HOLY SHIT while their jaw dropped for a full 5 seconds!” My point is that off the top of my head – I can’t remember my favorites! – there were SO MANY!

So ladies of Megtown, instead of telling you how something glopped on my skin or made my teeth yellow I’d thought instead I’d tell you something else!  Here it is: I LOVE giving you reviews on everything – whether I like it or not and I am SO damn lucky that I get to review things for Meg and all of you! Thank all of you who read my commentary!  Thank all of you also that comment from time to time that something I said made you laugh! You have no idea how that makes my day to hear that! I read as many of your comments as I can and it’s pretty astonishing the amount of information all of YOU input into this website! The magnificent community that is here on this website is phenomenal! I’m so happy to be here with all of you!

So….Meg will have to bite down on a rubber cigarette at the fact that I didn’t actually mention a single product in this review today! I just thought it would be more fun to tell all of you that YOU make it happen around here! It’s your input and YOUR comments that people read and make decisions by! Even if I think something is fantastic, I love learning what YOU think too!  Thank all of you for coming here to visit, read and participate!

I’m going to end this with…I want all of you to go and get your confetti stash Kiss the one you were going to use for New Years Eve and I want you to throw it TODAY!, Wednesday the 30th!, and if you have pink confetti it would be perfect becauser (Meg Looves Pink!) Anyway, at the very end of this article I want you to THROW your confetti in the air and DANCE and LAUGH HARD and dedicate that moment to Meg – and to yourselves for keeping Meg’s site Top of the Line! All of you lovely people who come here totally deserve your own confetti! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Watch for me next year!
Now throw your confetti!

What are your New Year celebration plans and how happy are you to welcome in 2010!?!

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