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jeanmegMeg does Minnesota!

Jeanasina here with my review of having Meg stay at my house!  OMG people!  A one woman force of nature entered the small domain of Jean and Harleyman’s world and showed us a glimpse into a world through her fabulous personal stories that is SO beyond Minnesota! I felt like we have had a movie-star in our house and my Harleyman was asking Meg to sign his autograph book every 30 minutes until I had to put a stop to it.
Meg arrived deep into the night on Saturday and my Harleyman and I helped her with 4 bags of what had to be solid lead into our car.  The very idea that this whisp of a girl managed 4 back-busting bags of luggage on her own up to this point blows one’s mind!  I was so excited when I saw Meg coming down the escalator in her cute black hat, designer winter coat and Ugg boots I think I was literally jumping up and down yelling “It’s MEG everybody! It’s MEG!!!!  I’m pretty sure I did a hand stand at that point too!  We drove her shivering body to our little home and began what was to be four days of escapades, shopping, movie going, eating, wine and Saki drinking, and lots & lots of dialog! Meg also introduced me to the world of sushi which I learned I LOVE! Meg can recite the names of various sushi dishes the way I can talk about laundry detergent!

We put Meg right to bed that first night after talking until 1:00 in the morning – please note I normally am sleeping at 9:30-10:00 but this was MEG in my living room so my eyes were as wide as fried eggs as Meg regaled us with tales about her time at Fashion Week and beyond!

Ok, so here’s the deal, I pretty much don’t cook and my biggest worry  had been what on earth was I going to cook for Meg!!  Well let me tell you, I have been worrying for nothing because people, Meg doesn’t eat!  She picks!  And only picks ONCE per day!  People, the mega-watt woman who runs this website empire is a smokin’ pickin’ fashion-speakin’ hell of a one woman show who runs on very LITTLE fuel! Think bird like appetite. Who would guess that Meg’s idea of a good time is a bowl of popcorn with a side of Ranch flavoring to sprinkle on top! Meg sang “Ode to Joy” every time she dug into her popcorn feast!

Meg can tell you about every cosmetic out there, about every designer label that is in any store and about who is WHO in the world of entertainment!  I just have had so much fun hanging out with Meg that it’s going to be really sad to put her back on a plane!  Our little house will never be the same and our guest room – well it’s just going to be a shell of a empty room once her energy leaves. I think we might as well board it up because NOBODY will ever bring the kind of energy Meg did to our guest room!

One thing I love about Meg is that when we talk she makes me feel like we are both the same age and how fun is that? So, ladies, after spending time with Meg I can honestly tell you in my review of her that I would do it again and again and AGAIN! This has been four of the most fun days I can remember having in a long long time! Meg came to see me I think to get some rest but while she was taking it easy, I was having such a great time just being around her! Yippieee!  It was four great days to be me! Love you Meg!  Now, since this is Meg’s website, I’m going to allow her to tell you her side of the story…

Meg here! Minnesota, O.K. Never been there. Been running around the East Coast. Would love to see Jeanasina -would love a break from the rat race. Ticket booked. Minneapolis here I come!

Here is where the inherent snobbery kicks in. I thought “Well, it will be very relaxing seeing as there is nothing to do.” Wrong and so wrong! Uptown rivals NYC’s Village with amazing shopping and great eats! It’s all around this gorgeous picturesque lake. It’s quite breathtaking and it reminds me how beautiful and different this entire country is. It could be it’s own country of “quaintville” if we were in Europe.

I more then recharged my batteries at Jeanasina’s!

No that wasn’t a vibrator plug but yeah, I thought it too.

I was brought to an AMAZING Salon with Spa services. I would give it huge thumbs up! SA BEL.

Jeanasina raved over it and I went in hesitantly. We were not in NYC or Beverly Hills. Could this spa deliver to what I was used to? OK THEY OVER-DELIVERED!! Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, Santa Monica, Manhatten, Hollywood Hills-I’ve gotten a massage from “the best” in each location.

If you are a massage therapist or own a spa read this HEATED BLANKETS! Why that is not standard I do not know. It makes such a warm and cuddly difference. You get asked to remove your clothes and then you freeze for a minute. How about getting yourself into a warm cocoon?

Let’s face it, warm is sexy. Sara got that and asked me how I felt about pressure. I said “I love popping pimples, I know it’s gross. I love hearing the knots in my back snap. Can you do that? Will you let me hear them snap?”

Snap, Crackle and Pop Baby! I am a new women! While Jeanasina was being brought to glorious shades of lowlights by Margarest Wurst I still had some time to spare.

I grabbed manicurist Lorrie Boyd, she was very professional and lovely. She asked what color I wanted, I pulled You Don’t Know Jacques from OPI out of my handbag. Yes, I carry it IN MY CHANEL PURSE! She didn’t pass judgment but went with it. Apparently, her’s was stolen, HELLO!!

I am ready to pack up and move here to Minneapolis! The services are top-notch. The people are kind, the real estate is affordable, the sushi is mouth-watering. Jeanasina lives here and so does The Excellent Sa Bel!

Check It Out Here!

I found a fabulous spa even more then LA or NY! Right here in Minneapolis! The treatments are amazing! Let’s hear it for smaller cities with great services! Tell us about yours!

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