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JASMINESIMONEJasmine Simone here! Happy New Year everyone! Sending blessings and positives vibes to you and your loved ones. I hope that 2010 brings joy and enlightenment in all the areas you wish. This year has already been strong in spiritual change for me and others close to me this year. So I’m sharing my New Year’s resolutions with you; maybe if I put them out there in this strong ethos of energy, they will come true?? At least they will be glaring back at me in B&W so I have no excuse for ignoring them Kiss!

Jasmine Simone’s New Year’s Resolutions 2010 (in no particular order)

Family ties
– I love my family. And it’s a big one! I have family spread across the country separated almost like high school cliques (sans the purposeful alienation of the popular clique): Dad’s side covers New York to Virginia; Mom’s side in Texas; second cousins in Chicago, Indiana, LA…you get the picture. Having so many places around to lay my head was such a joy growing up but keeping in touch was just an afterthought. I was guaranteed to see everyone at least once a year during school vacations anyway so I figured-Well, I’m just a teenager. All the adults have my number – they’ll call when they can. However, now I’m 25 and I’ve found that more and more often I am thinking of them. How is everyone?; I should call (insert family member here) and ask them for advice on how to deal with xxx; My little cousins (XXXX) are growing up so fast! I wonder what’s going on with them and the rest of the fam? Not to mention, that because I’m older people have stopped checking up on me as much. I guess as you get older the need for family to keep tabs on you dissipates and they expect you to pull your weight in keeping the line open. I can’t blame them….I do know better. And I resolve to do better this year.

Sharing is Caring!
–  Educate my friends and family – This one I have already started working on. My induction into was a great step towards fulfilling this goal.  I want to make sure I am sharing knowledge I consider positive and helpful to all those around me that care to hear. That is the only way anyone can bring about significant change. Arm the people with knowledge and we can work together to bring about change. Simple as that.

Exercise for the soul: Establish emotional outlets – This means I have started a journal (after 13 years of hiatus), am seeking a spiritual group, will join a yoga class and maybe even a burlesque class ! That combined with strengthening family ties will all work together to get my soul in peak physical condition.

Learn to make healthy meals that taste fattening! – Have you ever had a vegan chocolate cake that tasted like it came from Serendipity’s? Surprisingly enough they exist and I recently had one! It was moist, rich, chocolatey goodness and I don’t even really like chocolate cake! The fact that they were able to do that with no dairy astounded me but even more so was the rest of the raw, vegan fare. Pizza, butternut ravioli, pulled pork sandwiches (non-meat of course) and cheesecake. Deeeelish! And if they could make raw food so delectably rich and flavorful then I have to learn these secrets for myself. I was really disciplined last year in moderating my eating habits and cutting out a lot of the food that was no good to my body (i.e. wheat, soy dairy, refined sugar, etc.) and this type of fare is the perfect solution to keep both my body and my taste buds happy. Wish me luck!

Revive the arts
– Since I’ve moved to LA, I have really slacked on my support of the arts. I used to attend every museum / gallery exhibit, battle of the bands, poetry reading, and concert I could when I lived in New York. Yet in LA my interest has really fallen to the wayside. I mean I was here for a year before I made it to the Getty museum! And even though the social focus on the arts seems to me to be weaker than in NYC it still has a healthy existence. And some of the arts here are very unique to LA as I’ve been finding. So this year I am going to force myself to really get out there in the art world, support my fellow young aspiring artists and give myself a new, positive outlook on the grassroots community around me. Another way to nurture the soul.

Communication is key
– This is pretty self-explanatory. I just want to be better about expressing myself to everyone around me. This means making sure my communications are clear and concise and keep track so that my responses happen in a more timely manner.

Give back to the community
– I am using 2010 as motivation to get my butt into gear and give back to the community. There are many wonderful social programs out here and I’ve already found a few that I am passionate about and really inspire me. Once you find that, the rest is a piece of cake. And it will feel good to give of myself and the new cake I’m going to learn to whip up! Wink

Social networking arenas are NOT the Devil’s playground
– Though MySpace, FaceBook, twitter, etc. are in my opinion are susceptible to being tools of the government. I promised I would never open myself up to such public display allowing me to be easily tracked and or hacked. However, this year I vow to get over my fear of Big Brother and put myself out there in these public arenas so that I can keep in better contact with my friends and family. It just took me a while to figure out how to play the game and make it comfortable for me but now that I have there’s no stopping me!

Life motto: Everything in Moderation – This is my key to success. I feel that when I live my life in moderation I am the most happy. A glass of wine, a decadent desert, or a delectable pork chops are all fine in moderation. A few times a month wont hurt the average person (myself included). I just wont overdo it – I think the existence of the gout condition teaches this best! But complete abstinence makes Jasmine a very dull girl. I’m sure I’m not the only one! Don’t forget to treat yourself! Remember, if you’re happy it is almost always infectious so you’ll be helping those around you as well!

What is your most important New Year’s resolution? What are your goals?

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