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tommyMeg here! I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a personal post but my life has truly been nutty lately. I want to say that Megken and I are still the very best of friends and he is shooting a movie in China right now! I am so proud of him and we talk on skype every other day. In true Megken fashion he wanted to meet the “new” man I was dating before he left for the Oriental Seas.

Megken: Is he nice to you? Do you laugh? He seems O.K. But does he know that you need a box of tissues by the bed? Does he know you drink a full Perrier every night? Does he know that you’re never wrong, you love scruffy dogs more than people. Does he know you need to play Jeopardy every night and if you don’t have a robe when you get out of the shower you freak out! Does he know that?

Meg: I told him. I had verbal diarrhea. I told him that I would sleep over. I told him I would fool around, I told him that if he thought he was getting sex than he was waking up with a full-time girlfriend.

He waited.

His actions aren’t planned out. He’s very of the moment, and freaks if I mention the future (this is annoying because my “future” could include talks of shower upgrades.)

He has the most gentle demeanor and is so charming that people actually want him around. I don’t have that trait. I’m go-go-go annoying.

I’m a smart woman. Smart people know when to surround themselves with people better then they are. If you don’t have that skill then you should learn it. I’m a hard-ass Type-A Personality. I need a see-saw.

is smart and sensitive and can make me feel like things are going to be O.K. when I have a major Meg anxiety attack over nothing. Never mind that he’s brilliant and has all of his own stuff going on.

The women on this site are amazing and we’d all support each other no matter what but having a man to climb into just feels safe. I feel safer. He asks about TV, The Meg Heads, my articles. He could give two figs about face wash but pretends that it matters. He does it because it matters to me.

So have at it, win Jack Black skincare for the guy in your life! Best “Why he deserves this” story wins.

So tell us! Why does your guy deserve it!

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