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familyaffairMeg here! I just wanted to remind you all that our first ever bookclub Family Affair is coming up on Valentine’s Day.

The book Family Affair will lead to many questions on “How did he not get what I was saying?” To the funnier parts where we don’t care what he was saying but we hear what she (Layla) was meaning.

I soaked up the sun and this book in record time. It was such a fun read and really let me get lost in these familiar characters.

This book is our tone and you’ll love it and the characters in it. I sipped my daiquiri by the pool and read every word like I was the friend giving advice.

In a world of facebook, tmz and we always have information at our fingertips. When was the last time you got comfy with a real live book?

Get comfy with It’s A Family Affair! Delve in and I dare you to put it down! The character’s are in our day to day and more then a bit familiar!

I love this book! I love hysterical females that make my tummy hurt with their brilliance (follow Caprice Crane on Twitter-you will not be sorry!)

So here is your homework! Buy FAMILY AFFAIR so you can join on in on the discussion on Feb 14th. If you have a hot date then you’ll look that much hotter not putting out so quickly! Literate is the new SEX!

Who is in? We need to support brilliant writer’s that bring the best tales to chase!

Who needs a real live book escape? This book is just fabulous! Step away from the computer! I dare you not to love Layla or Trish! Ginny made me cry!


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