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Introducing Fantastic Organic Tuesday with Chichi!

Introducing Fantastic Organic Tuesday with Chichi!

In the spirit of the celebration of Earth Day (April 22), Meg’s Makeup is proud to introduce Fantastic Organic with your host, chichi. Starting today and every Tuesday we will bring you the latest organic and vegan make-up and beauty products and some of the classics as well.

I’ve have been a vegetarian for over 15 years. When I first started, I was living in Philadelphia and just out of college; vegetables were a foreign object to me so my diet consisted of pizza and pasta. Not a great start. Slowly, I learned to love vegetables and all the amazing varieties and flavors they had to offer. Eating so many raw vegetables, I learned that taste is all that matters. Those shiny, uniform, perfectly formed and bruise-less apples in a big old pyramid at my supermarket looked great, but it was the less than perfect, not chemically treated veggies I picked up at the farmers market that really tasted the best.

I tried to apply this new appreciation for organics to my make-up and beauty routine without a lot of success. At the time, this was a new frontier and the only places I could find such items were The Body Shop (there was only one store in the entire state!) and pharmacy items like Burts Bees and Kiss My Face. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of all these lines, but walking into a department store I could not help but be drawn to all the shiny, fancy cosmetics lines. I’m just a make-up obsessed girl – I could only hold out so long!

Luckily, times have changed. Recently, desertdoll and I got a call from a friend of ours living in London. She told us she had a new job at a health food store! We were shocked – Miss London is one fashion forward, up to the moment girl. We instantly teased her about patchouli smelling hippies wearing their rainbow knit caps and Birkenstocks. She quickly informed us that it wasn’t that type of health food store, it was very high-end and that she was working in the beauty department. No old-school hippies there. Only extremely rich women they called “yummy mommies”. Her first customer? None other than Posh Spice herself. By now we were bursting with questions; Beauty? At a health food store? What was Posh wearing? Was Becks with her?! Answers, we needed answers…

Miss London filled us in with everything she knew at that point (3 days into her new job). They sold mostly Organic products. “Like oatmeal soap and patchouli oil”, desertdoll asked? No, said Miss London, luxurious high-end lines like Dr. Hauschka, Lavera, Jurlique- foreign and expensive sounding lines that intrigued us. And hey, if it was good enough for Victoria Beckham, it was good enough for us all.

Miss London explained the beauty behind organic beauty – It’s basically a 3-fold answer.

1) They’re better for your body (your skin absorbs everything you apply, do you really want to be slathering chemicals on it)
2) They’re better for the earth (hey-if you can make a small difference with your moisturizer, wouldn’t that be great?)
3) Best of all – they really work! She tells me her adult acne that has plagued her for the past 10 years has totally disappeared now that she’s gone organic. SOLD!

While I make no claims to be an expert in organic products, I’m learning more every day and dedicating myself to the research and testing all for you, dear readers! It’s new to me and maybe new to a lot of you as well but I’m doing the work so you don’t have to. I welcome suggestions of lines to check out, questions, and just feedback in general. And to any of you out there who do know your stuff, tell me about it and I’ll share it with the site.

So let’s go Organic together, shall we? Who knows whom we’ll bump into along the way? And I promise: no patchouli.

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