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laura1Meg here! Before you judge my self obsessed habits or get jealous over a bag I bought please remember this…The snotty, crying children that you have to drag around right now will someday take care of you. I mean, if they’re still talking to you-sorry but parents pay in every way. When I’m 80 who will take care of me?(That was a total joke, like I’m going to make it to 80! Please I feel 80 now!) My self-indulgent ways are not to be proud of but I have nothing but Me right now and I have to take care of ME! Me woke me up in the middle of the night, I rocked Me back and forth and I said “Me, what’s wrong? Why are you sad? You have a beautiful Chanel purse from the Caviar Collection that you’ve been carrying for 5 years everyday? Why do you scream so?” You know how it is when Me can’t be silent and Me said “Oh, I know, It’s wrong. I’m terrible. It’s just, no one ever feeds Me and Chanel Spring is out and I don’t need nursery school or diapers or anything except Chanel’s new spring patent leather puffy quilted beige bag.” My heart just broke. What’s a mother to me to do? The next day Me and I went to the Chanel Outlet at Woodbury Commons to see if I could silence Me’s screams.

I took Me and I looked on the shelves and there was nothing to be had. We left quite sad and at the same time happy because we had just saved a King’s Ransom. Before we left “The Commons” me let out a scream to go back in. It was a primal scream. I had no rhyme it had no reason but we’ll all do anything to keep the kid quiet. Me and I walked in and we gasped. There (according to the Chanel rep) was OUR BAG, it was not on the shelf for more then 30 minutes when Me grabbed it and we were paying our bill.

The quilted puffy leather danced in the sunshine. It did not matter it was 32 degrees out. I joined Me in a happy dance of pure joy. Materialism is wrong and I will never hear the squeals of “I love you mommy.” Me and I didn’t care, we were drunk (usually by 11pm but this was a different drunk) it was one of pure excess.
laura1I am Meg no one is going to spoil me. I am a strong independent woman and I wanted this bag and now I have it and yes! Everything is better in my life right now because I do. It also was $1,000 OFF. So I am not only insane but reasoning it was a buy! You can’t buy happiness but you can buy OKness and right now I am feeling very OK. Judge me if you want. You pay for diapers and nursery school and babysitters. I just paid for Me’s love. Don’t we all sometimes? Some say it is very selfless to have a child. I agree it is very selfless. That is why it is so important to be selfless when You Are The Child! I’m the Only Child! We all know what they say about Only Children!Kiss

My bag is amazing. People stop me on the street. Kate Moss carries it. So does Claudia Schiffer. It is amazing and I am wrong to need people to ask me about it. I know this is wrong. I also know I grin ear to ear and say “I LOVE IT!” If I need validation then I just got it 4 times in 15 blocks and that makes my fashionista heart soar!

When I took my Linda Mason makeup classes we had to be creative! We had to pretend we were doing a high fashion show! Some people glued rhinestones to their models. Some of them painted their faces like Kabuki Queens! It was my fantasy and my fantasy is not Robert Pattinson , my fantasy is the House of Chanel. Before my model Laura knew what was happening to her, I started to draw an impromptu quilted chain down her forehead. I was taken over by a higher being (Gabrielle, was that you?) As I painted gold CC’s on her cheek. Before I let Linda snap the photos I ran to my (of course Chanel) bag and thrust it into Laura’s hand. I grabbed my personal gloves, my sunglasses and searched to find CoCo’s signature pearls. Yeah, I know it’s weird to carry this stuff around-as this story tells-you just never know! Me was so proud!

This was all done with no planning just high-fashion influence and KarlL. I am so reachable!!

My beautiful model Rachael came next and I saw her as a prep school princess! With a few sweeps of my brush she was on her way to Buckley!

My tastes can be out there (Hello? Lady Gaga’s Biggest Fan!) You have to know your comfort zone. You have to know your inspiration. My inspiration has always (seriously, since like age 11-ask around-it’s scary-I chose Gabrielle as my Catholic Confirmation name) been The House Of Chanel.

There’s something about a chain smoking, fine champagne drinking creative with many lovers and an independent attitude that sings to me. So sue me?

Tweed boucle? Die for it! Long whimsical pearls? Sign me up! As Miss Coco Chanel said “The Most Courageous Act Is to Think For Yourself. Aloud!”

What style defines you? What do you think of the makeup jobs I did? Anyone else channel Chanel?

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