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Meg  here! So I’ve totally turned into my 82 year old Grandmother. We actually have these conversations.

Meg: Grammy, I love this (bowl-lamp-figurine whatever item I compliment her on.)

Grammy: Oh Good! Take it with you! I don’t need it where I’m going!

Meg: Where are you going? Are you going on a trip or something?

Grammy: Oh no, I mean when I’m dead. It will just be one less things the kids have to through.

Meg: What?! That’s so morbid? What is wrong with you?

Grammy: Nothing, if you like the matching tea set take it with you when you leave.

So yes, my Grammy isn’t ill. She just is doing what all people over the age of 80 do. I call it “Old Person Yard Sale.”  It’s a great sale-they don’t charge for a single item!

I’ve decided that, in the vein of becoming more organized. I will become more of a minimalist. I have 11 bags in my room ready to be dropped off at Goodwill tomorrow. My poor roomie, Dragonfly1 finds new things “Oh, I thought you’d like that.” On her bed weekly.

I had a friend once move to LA, she was over 30 years old and everything she owned fit in the trunk of her Camry. At the time-I thought “That’s a little scary.” Now I think “How liberating!” How amazing to have no ties! To be able to just pick up and go! How great not be held prisoner or defined by ALL OF THIS STUFF!

My entire life I’ve been a chatchkey keeper. A knick-nack dust-collector that thought if I didn’t have something on the table, shelf or nightstand the room would just be so empty. Over it! Smile

It’s just so refreshing to just not need these things any more. What I was once holding on to as material security blankets I now see it for what it is…Clutter!

I realize the excess stuff never made me happy, in fact I think in a way it stifled me. It let me hide behind it.

So while I have 50 more years until I am an “Official Old Person Yard Sale Member” I’m actually getting ready to join it right now!

Meg: You like my tea set? Take it! It’s yours!

What about you ladies? Minimalist or Collector? How often do you just get rid of stuff?!

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