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I’m Done

I’m Done

I used to hate smoking. All of my friends started smoking at fifteen and I thought they were gross. I use to sit at a separate booth from them at Papa Gino’s while they smoked. I gave in. I decided to take it up. They have all quit, I couldn’t stop.

I have been smoking at least a pack a day for fifteen years. I also have a bad heart. I needed to quit like five years ago. I am going to quit tonight.

They say to be effective you need to announce to everyone you know that you’re quitting. I know HOM will tell on me if I start up. He hates it more then anyone when I chain smoke (which I do, I’ve been up to two packs a day for the last three years).

I can use great skincare but I know the smoke is ageing me more then the vitamin C is saving me. I’m done.

Ladies how did you quit?

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