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Yup, that’s the line to get anyone to do anything for you. Bonus points if the person you need a favor from is Catholic or Jewish. The guilt wins every time.

In high school I would use that line on my friend Emilie, whether it meant making her sneak out of the house or calling a boy I was interested in (with me listening in while my phone was on “mute”) she’d do it.

I’m going to use this on you because I need your help. Since our form of revenue at Megs Makeup is yard sales I need you to throw me a bone here and take 5 minutes and impact our life forever (dramatic on the “forever” but whatever motivates you people).

We can’t afford a market research company (i.e. yard sales are not the cash cow you think they are) will you please help me? I’m trying my damnest to make this site great. What am I doing wrong? What would make you want to visit everyday?

Should I post more? Are my stories tiring? Are you here just for the reviews? Would you have cocktails with me? Am I too needy?

I promise I won’t cry (hahaha). No, honestly I really might so please be nice but please don’t hold back (hold back a little).

Just tell me before I become too emotionally invested in you if this is going to work out or not. Be decent, if you don’t see a future for us then let me move on. That one works on men you’ve been dating for more then 6 months F.Y.I.

So please Lisa, Jen, Rebecca, (what are other popular names-no matter, just insert yours)?

Take a minute and let me know what you love about us and what you only kind of love and what you don’t love at all but could with time.

I mean it. I slave away trying to bring you relevant information on what beauty product work and what ones don’t. I work my finger to the bone trying to make you, yes you, happy and what do I ask for besides a little feedback? You know what really kills me? You know what makes me so sad? The truth is sister.. I would do it for you!!

Please enlighten me with your comments!!!

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