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milaMeg here! As with every other mortal, I was glued to the tube last night taking in the Oscars. I was only slightly less interested in the telecast than James Franco. I actually felt bad for Anne Hathaway. Her perk almost came off as a manic high but how else could it have looked when you’re co-host is barely breathing.

There were few surprises. No, scratch that. There was a surprise. Corey Haim was left off the deceased tribute and Charlie Sheen didn’t make the cut.

The only reason I turn into these things in for the beauty and fashion and while there were a FEW wins, I felt there were VERY FEW.

If I am going to take time to watch a bunch of millionaires congratulate themselves then I better be all “WOWSER’S” with their wardrobe. I don’t care if you come wearing a Bob Mackie headress or a swan stuffed and sewed to your dress, just give me something. Give me something I would not dare to try, give me something so decadent I salivate, Gaga got it right with her egg.

I saw a lot of mall hair (Gwyn) a lot of after sex hair (Scarlette) and a lot of bad dress choices (Melissa.) It says something when Helena Bonham Carter shows up and her outfit is described as “somber.” Her shoes even matched! That should have been my tip that we were in for a snore fest.

Everyone I’m sure had one star that they thought looked amazing. Even though she didn’t show up with a light-up headpiece or a dress made from bubbles, my pick was Mila Kunis.

I loved the romantic lace, not too romantic though, I like the naughty sheerness it incorporated. I can’t wait for that Elie Saab gown to be knocked off (you know ABS is probably working on a version.) For it will be mine! I also liked how she let the dress speak for itself and did a chic up-do. I may have to wait for the dress but I got the inside on her hair from her Mara Roszak. Mara luckily uses TRESemme products. These couldn’t be easier to find (and inexpensive!)

These are the exact steps Mara used on Mila for her big Oscar splash.

Step 1: Apply TRESemmé Naturals Mousse to wet hair and rough dry, parting the hair to one side
Step 2: With a 1” barrel curling iron, wave hair away from the face in sections
Step 3: Brush out the curled sections with fingertips and form an “S” wave around the face
Step 4: Pull hair softly into a messy chignon and spray it all over with TRESemmé Naturals Finishing Spray for a soft holding finish

Well, that seems easy enough! Thanks Mara! Let me know what you thought of this years Oscars? What leading lady do you think looked the best?

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