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jessicaalbarevlonMeg here! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Some man that had some accurate predictions of earthquakes before was predicting Los Angeles was getting hit on Saturday. I was wondering Friday night if it were worth it do my laundry if doomsday was approaching. I met myself halfway and did two loads. They say you should always have clean underwear in case of an accident. Happily, I did the other two loads today and so far I’m still the only thing in my bed moving and shaking. No, that didn’t come out right…

I write for some other sites as well as Tomorrow afternoon I am interviewing Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page and Liv Tyler on their new movie “Super.” My beat is always heavy on fashion and beauty and while Rainn has his “look” the focus will be more on the leading ladies and theirs.

While I was doing my research and coming up with my questions for tomorrow (homework) I was wondering…How much do these ladies picks affect your pocketbooks?

I don’t mean Liv or Ellen specifically. I just wonder, when a brand signs a “face” are you more likely to buy it? Do you buy it because of the endorsement?

When Covergirl signed Taylor Swift as their new “face” it didn’t make me run out and buy Covergirl. I refuse to take beauty advice from a 22 year old. When Revlon tapped Jessica Alba to be their celebrity endorser it did nothing to make me drive faster to the drugstore. I’m going to need to visit more than CVS to wake up looking like Jessica Alba.

Certainly the value is in the publicity. We “know” these woman and they have been replacing actual models for the better part of a decade. I’m just wondering how much actual purchase persuasion they have.

I definitely read and report on their tips and finds and their make-up artist picks. I know a lot of you like it when I do their “splurge” versus the “steal” comparable finds. How much of that information makes its way into your shopping cart?

Beyonce reportedly signed a 5 million dollar deal with L’Oreal. Does that make you grab for the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara? Would you contemplate going home with Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express if it were a couple bucks cheaper but not endorsed by any “Single Ladies?” Hollywood’s main ladies can expect to earn anywhere between 3 and 10 million bucks for being the face of a beauty brand. Not bad, right? In this economic climate I’m not willing to spend more for an Estee Lauder brand because Gwyneth Paltrow uses it. I mean, unless Gwyn is willing to come to my house and put it on me. Even then Miss Paltrow, with all due respect “Forget you.”

It is fun and it is interesting to hear what the goddess of the silver screen are using on their faces. I love to hear their picks and little secrets. I have been known to be influenced by their choices here and there but mostly it is feedback from my girlfriends or comments from you ladies that get me to pull out my green.

Tomorrow I will go and find out exactly what products those movie stars are using and I’ll try to get some fashion tips. I’ll dutifully report them back to you here! Also, I’ve been a lot better about doing fun, breaking updates on twitter so please follow me here @Megsmakeup

How about you? How much influence does a celebrity endorsement have on you?

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