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Eleni here! I always love to read Sweetassgal’s Tuesdays Green posts but to tell you the truth-when beauty companies started going green, I got scared.

It took me years to find the perfect foundation, the one that is still there, 10 hours after you put it on. Still matte, still perfect.

It took me years to find the perfect mascara too. The one that both smells good and looks good AND is still there when you wake up the next morning (I know, I know…)

I’m not naive, I knew that such a result can’t come naturally. I knew I was putting chemicals on my face and I just didn’t care.
Until the whole going green craziness hit the beauty industry, all I had to worry about was the discontinuing of my favorite products due to unpopularity. Now, I had to overstock my shelves to be on the safe side.

And then, I discovered
It is an online database of the most popular beauty products available on the market with a hazard score from one to ten right next to them, based on how harmful they are for our health and the environment. My foundation and mascara hit the nines.

I started experimenting with different brands, ones that were more green. There were times that I was surprised and excited about my new finds and there were moments that I got so frustrated that I wished they had tested that product before it gave ME the pink eye. Or at least had it tested on humans, you know.

I must admit that when after my long green experiment I went back to some of my old non-green products, I could actually feel the wrong ingredient on my skin. My biggest shock was when I tried Johnson’s baby oil again after a long break. I used to put baby oil on my skin every day after my shower. Then I switched to an organic non petroleum-y moisturizer and then back to Johnson’s. Whoa. The smell penetrated my nose! I felt like I was being fed home cooked meals for a month and then switched to McDonald’s. And at least there still is some pleasure in eating McDonald’s. This just felt wrong.

Now, my concern is what do companies mean when they say they are going green? The term is used pretty loosely. There are companies that consider themselves green just because their factories are eco-friendly, but their products are still harmful for us. And truth is that a product can really be just fine for the environment and only bad for human skin. Is that line still green? And are there products that by turning green for the sake of the environment have turned worse for our skin and our health? I just wonder.

What are your experiences with green products?
Have any your favorite brands started turning green?
What are the differences you have noticed on your skin?

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