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bedroomMeg here! I AM HOME! I am in my bed-in my bedroom to be exact and I think Meg Heads would love my bedroom. You might not want it for your own but you would appreciate it! I am typing in my bed with my big pink tufted leather headboard. My furniture is all art deco and mirrored and I have Erte pictures framed on the wall. The color scheme is predominately black and white but there are strong pink influences. The pink chair at my 1940’s inspired vanity. The rhinestone pink embossed hand mirror and gilded accessories. It is very Old Hollywood inspired and very girly and it is mine and I love it! When men see it they kind of roll their eyes. When girls see it they say “I LOVE this!” It appeals to every woman’s inner Norma Desmond or Joan Crawford.

Goddess Granny and I were on the road and I was away from my little slice of pink heaven. I got to stay at the Goddess’s amazing and sprawling Texan ranch. I got to see the beauty and feel the crisp Colorado Spring air of Sharond’s wonderful mountainside home. What a fantastic host and entertainer she and her family were! Many thanks! Dallas was gorgeous. Yet-I am so glad to be home!

I know Goddess Granny feels the same way! I can feel her relief at putting her heavy suitcase in the car when her wonderful cattle rancher cowboy picked her up from the airport. It’s nice to have a doting husband. It’s just wonderful. I’m sure her glee matched mine when I saw my shiny red sports car pull up at LAX with Eleni behind the wheel to get my tired arse home!

I was so ready to be home that I darted into oncoming traffic at the arrival lane to flag Eleni down to just make sure she saw me behind the damn Dollar Rental Car Shuttle.

I liked Colorado Springs. It was so clean and so crisp and the sky was a vibrant blue. It was just too much for me to take health wise. I am an LA Lady! Take away my smog and my cigarettes and bumper to bumper exhaust fumes and I get ill. Ask Goddess Granny. Put me into a serene environment and I fall a part. I have never had a real nose bleed before and once in the clean Colorado air I had a bleeding sniffer and was coughing and my body didn’t know what sort of new age cleanse I was on. I’m not knocking Colorado. It is breathtaking. Unfortunately, it took my breathe and left me a bit gasping.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I am clacking my pink maribou feathered slippers as I say “THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!” Just as most people do not want Ava Gardner to have the same bedroom furniture that they do (really? You don’t? Who are you people?) Los Angeles is not always equated with “zen.”

It’s my zen though. It, unfortunately, is not just my zen. I mean the real estate market is through the roof even in this depression like state. I tried the small town. I grew up in one. Thank God I never was into drugs because I was so bored there that as a teenager I used to glue rhinestones to my phone. I would paint my walls a rainbow of colors and became obsessed with a glue glun to “pretty up” my lampshades with beads. I may in fact be a reincarnate of Liberace. Let’s just say my parents were not sad to see me and my puff paints go. I hear this is the same “creative behavior” meth freaks exhibit. I was just bored.

The energetic pace of NYC speaks to me-for about 6 weeks. Then I miss the palm trees. I miss the freedom of putting the top down on my car and going for a drive at 3 miles an hour down the PCH in traffic.

The more I travel America, and boy have I ever! I have been home 10 days since January 28th, the more I miss my pink boudoir in LaLa Land.

I think we know who we are at a very early age. I wanted desperately to get out of the town I grew up in. It wasn’t a “bad” town by any means. It just felt like I was dropped in the wrong cabbage patch. I always scratch my head when more often then not people will say to me on this road trip “LA?” Then they snicker “Ugh, How do you live there?”

People have funny thoughts about Los Angeles, I guess we play up the bad to try to keep the housing prices down (fail-by the way.) The people here are very decent. True, most of my friends are East Coast transplants but the born and raised natives aren’t half bad.

I don’t know if I’m breaking some code by saying that most women will not steal your jewels, career and husband-this is the land of entertainment-we have to keep up appearances.

I will tell you 100% that this is the land where your friend will drive around a massively large airport. She’ll do it for an hour waiting to get your tired ass so she can get you home. Your ass home to a ridiculous bedroom that looks like a throw away sound stage from Sunset Boulevard.

This is the town that I moved to with a whopping $750 and met fabulous and most importantly decent people that gave me a bunch of breaks. This is the town that ambitious people move to. Notice I said “ambitious” not evil. True the ambitious also go to New York City. They are the hard-core truly ambitious, anyone that can deal with words like “wind-chill factor” has my deepest respect (and sympathy.)

Whether you are like the Goddess Granny that finds serenity looking at more stars then Ive ever witnessed over her sprawling acres of tranquil land. Whether you are like Sharond who finds relaxation with deer in her backyard and the bluest sky I have ever seen. Whether you are like me and sees lights twinkle in the hills, the palm trees off my terrace and the gaudy princess bedroom I call my own. We all have one thing in common and as Dorothy says “There is no place like home!”

Where do you lay your heavy head and why do you love where you live? Tell us! We just might be showing up!

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