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Hi there, regular Meg from Meg’s Makeup here. Sorry I was unable to get vocalist Meg’s post up yesterday. I had my own case of the 48 hour diet. I had gastroenteritis yesterday that led me to the ER and a salene IV! This has been a tough month! Anyhow, home now and feeling much better. I think I’ve dropped a few pounds! Always good to look on the sunny side of the street!-Love, Meg

Every Monday Vocalist Meg tells you Does It Really Work ?

The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is a special “Miracle Juice” that has been scientifically formulated, so that in just 48 hours you will cleanse your body and lose up to 10 pounds! It was created to give your internal body a “vacation” by washing away unhealthy toxins and fat, and giving your digestive system a much needed break. The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet is 100% natural and is a special blend of essential fruits, vitamins minerals, antioxidants and essential oils.

Ladies, you know I’m all about tryin’ it – and then reporting my findings. Well, guess what? Despite the fact that I couldn’t really eat for those two days, I actually think this diet worked! Go figure. I can’t believe it myself. But, being the well read “Diet Diva” that I am – it seems only natural to believe that the 7 ½ pounds I lost in those 48 hours must have been a whole lot of water! Since it made my ass look hotter then do I really care whether it’s water or fat? I just know it looked great.

I have read the ingredients and it seems that this stuff isn’t so bad. I know it sounds like a very expensive “Juice” but then again – not too far from the cost of your typical gallon of Tropicana. It tastes pretty good too. Almost like one of those “Old School Kurn’s” juice cans. (Not bad – but would be better with a splash of vodka)

If you need to prepare for ANYTHING, this diet requires a lot of “Pee-ing” so make sure you are stocked up on the TP B4 U 48HR… LMFAO’

You can find this product online at or you can save yourself the horrendous wait and wasteful shipping costs by checking out the “As Seen on TV” section of your nearest CVS Store. Yeah – I think they have those everywhere (Right?)

To all of you sexy Megsmakeup Mama’s – next week is gonna be awesome! Megsmakeup has sent me my first “Official” product to test…. I don’t want to give out any dish just yet – but let me just tell you that I took my “Before picture the day I began the Juice diet….” Already lookin’ better, I am holding out for the end of this week so I may combined the next “Test Product” and show you all how absolutely “Wonderful” (or horrible) I look!!! Ok.

Just like Meg’s no more smokin’ announcement (by the way – YOU GO GIRL ) I am officially “On the Hook” to FAITHFULLY follow ALL instructions down to every detail for you loyal members to get the most ACCURATE information and ADVANTAGE above the rest!

Ciao Girls’ ! VocalistMeg ~

Ladies let me know if you’ve tried the 48 Hour Miracle Diet or any other liquid diets that you’ve found worked!

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