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katyperryMeg here! (writing, it’s Katy Perry in the picture.) I want to thank-you all for making 2010 such a great year! 2011 had me on a plane (surprise, surprise) and taking a break. I would have liked my break to end sooner but I got sick. Super duper have to go the doctor antibiotic sick. It was a bummer because it happened on my vacation. I could do some sight seeing, was able to be out of bed for 4 or 5 hours at a time and than sleep the rest. Party hearty! I only have left my bed since I’ve been back to go back to the doctor and get more meds. I’m feeling a bit better tonight and wanted to give you all my apologies for missing in action!

I have not been feeling or looking my best. I am so happy I am not dating a world famous actor who feels the need to tweet my photo. Have you all seen this? How many dishes do you think Russell Brand had to duck from when Katy Perry saw he tweeted this photo of her? It was quickly taken down but the damage was done. Every major celeb news outlet had run it lickety quick. She sings “You think I’m pretty without any makeup on….” I feel for her, it’s not that it’s such a “bad” picture. It’s a human picture. God knows I’ve taken worse. It just seems like such a bad decision her mate made. Doesn’t he know how long she sits in the make-up chair to project the image of a perfect pin-up goddess? Female celebrities are held to  a different standard. I would think a male celebrity would get that. It would have been a much different message, one that could have been admired or applauded If SHE WAS THE ONE that decided to tweet it. Instead it seems like an embarrassing violation of privacy. Who needs the National Enquirer when your husband can mortify you right at home? I’m guessing she was mortified since it was taken down so quickly. I’m guessing their was big trouble in paradise that night. Real life fireworks! Where she made him go “Oh Oh Oh, as he shot across the sky-y-y-!”

I have a friend that I love but she drives me absolutely nuts. When we all go out I bring a camera. When I get back from the night I click through and like to see the photos of everyone. She is always missing from the pictures. She says she doesn’t delete them. I would like to believe her but unless she is indeed a vampire there is no reason she shouldn’t show up on film. Oh yeah, she’s also 5’10, has a perfect face and gorgeous shiny long hair. Did I mention she was also a model? She’s under 30 so no, not a mark on her face. I also have never seen her take a bad picture. If I pulled a Russell Brand move on her I am pretty sure she would murder me. It would be a slow and painful death and she doesn’t even have a record deal. I’m starting to think if we don’t hear something from Brand soon than someone should check for a body. Just saying.
How about the facebook untagger? I’m not talking about a photo with you holding 2 glasses of wine, a cigg and a belly shirt. Untag that. Untag that PLEASE. Unless I really look like I’ve just crawled out of a grave (or am on the verge of being arrested) I leave the facebook photo tag. Just keeping it real.

In the digital age where we can simply erase our face and remove ourselves from memories if we don’t look “photo shoot ready’ should we? Have we all become Katy Perry? I think the better PR move would have been for her to just leave the picture and make a joke out of it, or maybe try to turn it into some sort of high-horse empowerment message. Own those frown lines!! The most damaging move was to take the picture down so suddenly. It was leaving our only speculation to be which weapon she would use on Russell.

I do feel for her, but live by the sword, die by the sword. If you’re going to traipse around in your undies and have whipped cream shoot from your bra than yes, sorry lady. You’re leaving yourself open for mass media attention over a furrowed brow.

I’m walking the walk. I’m sick and snotty and hopped up on my meds so I just threw my iphone over to Megsjester  and asked him to take a photo of me. He looked a little confused. Like he is supposed to look Russell!! Jeez! There I am, all hot and sexy in my terry.

Anyhow, take it as a show of solidarity we all have off days. I’m all for putting your best face forward but I hope I never hear “wow, she looks nothing like her picture.” 

I hope you all had a fabulous New Year! What do you think? Photo perfect all the time or do you let a few slide? 

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