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There comes a time in every girl’s life when she looks into her lighted 14x magnification mirror and asks herself…who IS this woman staring back at me?!? Transfixed, you fall into a mysterious, hypnotic daze…completely unable to tear yourself away from the bizarre image before you. Suddenly every pore tells a horrific story, every new facial hair warrants immediate extraction, and even the tiniest blemish, age spot or wrinkle is a call to arms raising the arsenal of products that reside on your battlefield known as the bathroom vanity. This can be a traumatizing experience for even the most seasoned of beauty veterans.

So what to do? For me…nothing gives me a quicker beauty pick me up then an instant change of hair color, and instant (unfortunately) means a trip to the local drug store for a box-o-make me feel better right now-hair color. I know that marketing geniuses and many fashion magazines will tell you that the at-home dye kit has come a long way, but I truly believe the best color and the LEAST amount of DAMAGE is achieved by my stylist. Therefore, every time I succumb to the do it yourself dye job urge (which was this weekends attempt with Feria Cinnamon?…yep…I’m an auburnish red head right now) I find it almost immediately necessary to deep condition and treat to ward off any impending damage I just inflicted on my follicles. Though my choice of conditioning treatment varies, my mechanism for infusing those treatments deep into the hair shaft is constant…the heated Microhaircap available here.

Gentle heat is the best and most natural way to open up your hair follicles, allowing the conditioning treatment to enter the shaft and nourish from within. But how many of us have access to a professional salon hood dryer at 9:30 on a Sunday night when we finally squeeze in the time to take care of ourselves? Not me. There is a well reviewed home version that costs $200 but you are chained to it for a half hour and who has the time to do that? Again, not me. The heated Microhaircap allows you complete freedom to roam your abode, soak in the tub sans electrical wires, or hang out in front of your 14x lighted mirror and obsess more about the size of your pores as your hair drinks in the nourishing, moisturizing treatment. You simply heat the gel packs in the microwave, pile your condition soaked hair on your head and top off with the warm heat radiating cap. I admit, visually this will not be the sexiest half hour of your day…but the results you get, and the freedom you have while achieving them are worth feeling like you should be suiting up for an afternoon of kiddie bounce house races at the company picnic.

Though I can completely recommend this for my fellow parched hair partners, I can also advise it for those who have other hair requirements. Ladies with oily hair need occasional treatments to fight split ends, restore hair strength, and repair daily damage. Clarifying treatments are recommended for anyone who lives and works around city smog and pollution. Scalp solutions are a must for those who suffer from skin conditions that require intense topical therapies. All of these can be supported by the addition of gentle heat to the routine and the Microhaircap is a great way to assist with freedom and convenience!

I’d love to hear what your hair repair solutions are! Let me know if you use the cap (or one similar) and have some advice to share to keep all of our girls GLAMMING ON megsmakeup gals!!!

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