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A huge thanks goes out to the men at Healing Desert. I would call them “glamorous” or “fabulous” but I want them to continue to send me stuff. Those guys are straight as an arrow. In fact, I had them both over to my house one night for drinks. My water glasses have a goldfish design on them. When I handed a water glass cocktail to one of the Healing Desert lad’s (is it strange to drink vodka in a water glass)?? He said to me “Do you have fish on your glasses because you drink like one”? Touch’e and like “Duh”.

Aloe Vera? So old school. Healing Desert has Emmy-Award winning make-up artist Bob Scribner behind this line. The story in a nutshell is this, Bob’s dog had a cut (P.S. I LOVE DOGS) nothing would heal it. Remembering some weird Indian story about the cactus, he went to the high desert, cut one open, turned it into salve, applied it to his doggie’s injury and Walaa, Eureka! he had found it! The gash was cured quickly.

Bob applied this theory to his skincare line. A bunch of Hollywood stars swear by it (Jenifer Love Hewitt and Bill Pullman top the list) if all of you love it then I’m moving into Desertdoll’s guest house with an exacto knife and going loose on her cacti.

Here’s what Healing Desert says their facial scrub will do for you “Better than Aloe Vera in helping your skin retain moisture. Proven healing properties.
Reduce the effects of aging on your skin. Visibly reduces wrinkles. Reduce and prevent acne. Helps to heal skin abrasions, burns, and other skin conditions”.

Ladies please post if Healing Desert made you want to start a succulent garden?

Buy It Here -Healing Desert

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