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Meg here to announc the winners of a Marco Pelusi makeover and Two  Color Guard Leave In Conditioners! And of the Benefit Overnighter Set!

Pjgta get a sitter for your rugrats because Marco is going to make you over! You set your head on fire for this!

Thank your nutty aunt! She won you a color guard leave in conditioner! Karen726 Your three hair horror stories added up to a color guard as well!!

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade!

The Benefit Overnighter contest Winner is Alsosly What did she forget at a sleepover? Umm..HER CLOTHES! Her story follows…

The worse thing I ever ran out of was CLOTHES. I was seeing this guy and before going over there I would put on this big coat that reached my knees and nothing else. I would pick up a pizza and anything else that we wanted and go over to his house. Take off my coat and voila! More times than not, the pizza got cold. The hitch came that I loved to leave in the middle of the night without waking him so that he would have a great memory and miss me. One night I stopped on my way home to pick up donuts and the police were all over. I asked what was going on and they said some nude woman was running around. Being only in my big coat, I hurried home without the donuts.  

All of your stories are freakin’ funny and we can all relate to them! The great part of these contests is hearing all of your crazy adventures! I don’t feel so alone in the world when I know Alsosly is naked at the donut counter!

We reward pain and lunacy so be sure to share with us!

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