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GREEN STOCKING STUFFERS – GREEN CHI TUESDAYS!’s finally getting cold here in sunny California and starting to really feel like the holiday season! Welcome to another Green Chi Tuesday with me, Chichi. This week I’m looking for a little advice from all of you fabulous readers.

There are two things I love about giving presents – wrapping gifts and giving unique stocking stuffers. I spend a ridiculous amount of time wrapping presents just so. I love the look of a perfectly wrapped and ribboned gift. It makes even the most mundane gifts feel special. But this year, I am trying desperately not to go out and buy more pricey and wasteful wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, etc. There has to be some other way to wrap beautiful gifts without using the once and done roll of wrapping paper. So please, let out your inner Martha Stewart and share your creative ideas gift-wrapping ideas with all us.

The other thing I am known for when giving gifts is that I always have a few “stocking stuffer” type gifts along with my main one. I’ll throw a few little things, (unique to the receiver of said gift) into a bag for most present giving occasions. Nothing too expensive, maybe a paperback book, a pack of their favorite gum or candy, a CD mix I made just for them and a chapstick. It’s always the most fun part (for me) of giving gifts.

If you’re looking for some little gifts to stuff into a stocking this year, here are some great small and inexpensive Green items that just might do the trick!

Burt’s Bees Healthy Hands This “Hand Repair Kit” makes a great stocking stuffer. The kit includes a Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Beeswax & Banana Hand Cream (yum!) as well as a pair of adorable, bumblebee-printed white cotton gloves. Such a cute set for only $12.99!

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil All right, this may be a bit of an odd stocking stuffer but would be great for passing on the miracle of Tea Tree Oil to an unbeliever. Here at megs, we have discovered so many uses for this amazing all-natural product. Pass on the knowledge this holiday season!

Avalon Organics Glycerin Hand Soap in Peppermint I love liquid hand soaps. They are so fast and convenient for frequent hand-washers like myself and there are hundreds of scents to choose from. This pretty bottle of Peppermint scented soap (perfect for the season) is certified organic, not tested on animals and preservative free.

BioBag Dog Waste Bags Hmmm, this one is even odder then Tea Tree Oil, but would make a great stuffer for city dwelling dog owners. One package contains 50 of the world’s first fully certified biodegradable and compostable pooper bags! Considering normal polyethylene-based plastic bags can take well over 100 years to degrade and are not compostable this is a gift to the planet as well as dog lovers!

Yes To Carrots Body Butter for Dry Skin This extra moisturizing, creamy scented body butter is suitable for either gender. The large tub of paraben free body butter will get even the driest of skin types through the harsh winter ahead. Check out our reviews of this super affordable, all-natural line here.

All right ladies, let’s hear from you. What are your favorite Stocking Stuffers to give and/or receive? Also, any eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas would be really appreciated!

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