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gosmileMeg here! Its funny how time flies, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was writing about Go Smile Advanced Tooth Whitening System here on It was a long time ago, four years ago to be exact! A lot of changes have happened to this site in four years! A ton of changes have happened in my life. One of the only constants is the search to keep my teeth white. I’m not always great about staying away from vices that stain your teeth. I have been really great about staying away from red wine and all liquor vices! Tomorrow is 28 days without having any kind of cocktails for me. I know! Alert the press! Oh wait, I kind of am the press (pats myself on back!) They say it takes 28 days to break a habit so we’ll see. So far so good though.

How am I filling the void of comfort that this habit had on me? It hasn’t been impossible to stop. I’ve changed my routine up quite a bit and one of the ways to do that is to explore new interests. I’ve been taking cooking classes and I have meditation classes on the books starting next week. I’m signing up for lots of new courses and trying different things. Oh yes, what else is it that I’ve been doing? Oh, that’s right, I’m also smoking like a chimney and drinking vats of coffee drinks.

I know, I know, one thing at a time. Baby steps people!

I have done the mature thing and decided to take an extended alcohol break to save my liver. I need to extend this compassion to my new vice victims, my teeth and my breath! I have found a new addiction. One that will save me from both brown teeth and crap breath…Introducing Go Smile Touch Ups Perfecting Ampoules. I am absolutely OCD with my little pink tube of Watermelon Mint. If Watermelon is not your thing then Go Smile also has flavors of Green Apple and Fresh Mint!

These are so convenient to use. Just flip open the tube, take out the vial and squeeze it. You’ll then hear a pop sound, tilt the applicator and start working the tip all over your teeth in a circular motion. You don’t have to rinse so these are amazing to do right in the car, I love it right before I step out and into a meeting. I started these on Friday, it is Sunday. My teeth looked whiter after the first use. They are starting to get really white. I tend to “go big or go home” with everything I do. Sometimes this is a great quality (not great with booze, ciggs, coffee or chocolate.) The instructions said I could use these up to 3x a day. Of course I have been applying 3x a day. I am going to cut back to once a day (unless I feel like my breath could kill someone) because I don’t want to get super white chicklettes. Thanks Go Smile Touch Ups, now another thing I’m dependent on!

They are $35 for 30 vials. They definitely are multifunctional. Go Smile Touch Ups keep stains from setting into your teeth so it is a must after your cup of coffee (or if your like me, a must after your 5th cup!) You can keep them in your purse, at your desk, in your car-heck they are so portable-in your pocket!!

I will be posting pictures and getting my friends to get these and post their opinions on this! I love pink, the watermelon flavor was an easy no-brainer choice. I do wonder about the fresh mint and the green apple now though. Will be trying them next!

I think Go Smile Touch Ups are also an awesome gift for the person you know that always has bad breath but you don’t want to hurt their feelings. They whiten so well, taste so yummy and look so cute that you could say “Oh my gosh! How great are these!” and hand over a box. All of the sudden the cubicle area is smelling a lot sweeter.

In the land of the million dollar watt smile, these babies are flying off the shelves. I would like to type more but I had a cigg and now, before bed, I am going to use my watermelon. I can stop anytime! Stop judging me.Kiss

Who am I kidding? I’m calling their corporate offices, with my pension for extremes they’ll be little tubes of watermelon mint hidden all over my house! I know when to admit defeat. You’ve won Go Smile and my teeth and kissing partner are very thankful!

Who else uses at home whitening? What do you use? Have you ever used Go Smile Touch Ups? What flavor do you love and how easy do you find it to also clean your breath? Love two-in-ones!

Buy it here!

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