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I have really lovely teeth. After years of braces (age 10-13) and having numerous teeth yanked I really can’t complain. They’re nice, they’re straight, they’re the color of corn on the cob. Yum.
I wanted to look nice on my wedding day. I paid $500 and spent an hour sitting with the most uncomfortable tray in my mouth at one of those teeth whitening clinics while some sort of laser beamed at my teeth for an hour. Atleast it included the drool suction tube.
Very expensive, very uncomfortable but worked very well. I have since resumed my cigg, coffee, red wine habit and can add “very temporary” to the last sentence.
When the excellent PR Goddess repping “GO SMILE” sent this handy dandy box I was very impressed. Any Questions on the product? Well, they sent an informative DVD to clearly illustrate how the product is used. Package-wise they thought of it all. Even comes with a tooth-color chart and precise amounts divided into daily tubes. Brilliant!!!
Here’s what the creator,
J o n a t h a n B. L e v i n e, D M D promises…
“GoSMILE ADVANCED formula B1 – Tooth Whitening On The Go is clinically proven to whiten your smile up to 10 shades in just 7 days. No fuss. No mess. No gel. No strips. No trays. No pain! The most potent form of tooth whitening outside the dentist’s office thanks to GoSMILE’s proprietary ampoule technology. 20 convenient, easy-to-use hygienic single dose ampoules . Use anywhere, twice a day, for 2 minutes. The soft brush tip lets you gently target specific teeth Won’t damage tooth enamel or cause sensitivity. Safely lifts stains from porcelain crowns and veneers Safe for ages 13 and up”
Ladies, are you left with pearly-whites? Please post your findings!! Check out the new Go Smile Teeth Whiter! 4 days 8 shades lighter!

$ GoSMILE ADVANCED Formula B1 Tooth Whitening On The Go $

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