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Desertdoll brings some of the favorite items under the roof of Doll’s House…

I left my hometown Philadelphia on the first chance I got. It wasn’t that I disliked it, on the contrary, I love Philly! But like most people who do this, I thought there was more to offer elsewhere. And although California suits me very well (hello sunshine!) I find myself longing for the things that makes Philly unique.

I always likened it to a smaller, friendlier New York. It’s one of the first things I noticed when I moved to LA- no one says hello. But how could you when you travel everywhere by car? In Philly, on a morning walk to the local Wawa for a coffee and a tastycake, you’d give at least 4 hellos and twice as many smiles.

And then there’s the cheesesteaks. Wow, what I wouldn’t give for one right now…and it’s 10:00 am. Or the history. I used to hang out in a punk pub (The Khyber Pass) that was around when they were signing the Declaration of Independence. In LA, a bar built in the 80’s is considered an antique. I could go on and on…

But the good part? Now I can have one of my favorite Philadelphia treasures shipped right to me-Scarlett Cosmetics. Philly’s own Scarlett Messina has been in the beauty business for years, but opened her own store in 1996 to fill a void she saw in the industry- high quality, pigment rich colors that produced real results. No product highlights her success better than the versatile Glamo Glitzs.

Glamo Glitzs, available in almost 150 shades, are a truly one of a kind product, a mineral-based loose cosmetic dust that is one of the most multi functional products on the market, gotta love those work horses! Talc-free, they will not clump or crease, they can be used wet (to deepen the shade) or dry (for an ethereal, light dusting) and come in matte or semi matte. Best part for me is that the ones blended with glitter do not migrate all over your face. Here’s just a few of the things you can do with these magic pots:

  • Lip gloss- Blend with petroleum jelly or shea butter, either on a per use basis or right in a lip gloss tin for a brand new color.
  • Highlighter- A little illumination (and light deflecting) always does your skin good! And these won’t settle in your pores.
  • Mascara- Mixed with water and armed with a disposable mascara wand, a really pretty way to get a unique, shimmering shade of mascara or highlight the tips.
  • Eyeliner- This is a no-brainer. With a bit of water and a thin brush you’ve got a gorgeous liner.
  • Nail Polish- Told you they were versatile! They blend so smoothly that mixing them with some clear polish works perfectly.
  • Scarlett send us her latest collection, the perfectly named Erotics. “A smoldering, tantalizing, teasing collection of 6 Glamo-Glitzs. Perfect for the naughty night out or a decedent day in”. The shades are absolutely gorgeous:

  • X- dark raven black full of opal glitter
  • Frenchie- sexy aubergine with a hint of opal glitter
  • Mombasa- deep black green with smashed opal glitter
  • Mod- a sexy rouge pink with a swirl of opal and silver glitter
  • Fusion- an explosion of silver with white gold blasts of shimmer
  • Gypsy- tarnished golden taupe shimmer with opal glitter.
  • Ladies, let us know what shade you received and if this Philadelphia treasure created some brotherly love of your own!

    Right now she’s offering a great buy 2 get one free deal on her website. That’s 3 beautiful shades for 30 bucks. Buy them Here!

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