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mother's dayFlowers are nice but short lived… candy? Great but no one I know really want to admit they eat it anymore, and forget about those “As Seen On TV” items unless you want to be on the receiving end of her patented eye-roll!
Goddess Granny could go on for a while about what might be a nice gift for Mom next week but if y’all are like me, you’re saying, “I have a whole week, I’ll come up with SOMETHING!”
Do it one better than that for her and check out my personal list of things I’d LOVE to be gifted with on this special day or at anytime, brownie points guaranteed and she’ll be delighted to know you think of her in a such cool and stylish way!

Cat Cosmetics: The “Hello Gorgeous” Palette simply cannot be beat and is my Holy Grail item for that 10 minute face! Beautiful neutrals that flatter all and go on effortlessly,everyone needs this and everyone can use it. You can use code MEG for 20% off! Clck on link above!

Dr. Dima’s Galactic Glove: Another of my HG items, there is NO better non-irritating and clinically created skin care/primer out there IMO and it takes years off my face under makeup, I use it everyday, elegant and effective product! Anything Dr. D creates is genius!

Ellen Sirot Hand Perfection: Can’t say enough about these products if your Mom is hand-conscious, they are simply the best and most targeted products on the market for flawless hands and they work! Use code MEG30 for a whopping 30% off!

Saltwater Cowgirl jewelry designs: I adore the newest “Grace” design (3rd from the top) with the chunky crystal and pearls, my Mom is actually getting these! When you’re ready to pay if you message Lexy, she’ll give Megheads 20% off.

Farmhouse Fresh: Anything and I do mean anything at all from them is giftable- perfection! Luscious handcrafted products and the packaging reeks of class and style just like her kid of course! CUTE and inexpensive gift-wrapping option for those ship to Moms.

Urban Decay: Give her look and confidence a boast and consider adding some color to her life with a FUN “Rocket Rocket” lipgloss that she’d be proud to pull out of her purse during lunch with the girls! One of my FAV gifts for anyone of all time and how cute is the new “Colin” shade of orange-red? So affordable and unique!

Hoping these few not quite the last minute but you’d best start thinking about it gift suggestions will inspire you to find something maybe a bit more fabulous and fun for your Mom this year! I find the “older” my own Mom gets,the more I enjoy helping her feel young, fresh, and always gorgeous!

Have you started getting ready for Mother’s day ladies?

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