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Hi, it’s Meg, I’m really sorry I destroyed the ozone layer. I had no idea that using a 5 pound can of aerosol Aqua Net weekly could wreak such havoc. It was 1992, I was 15, as you can see from the photo above I really believed “The Higher The Hair, The Closer To God!” At fifteen I had upped my cosmetic purchases to not only include my frosty pink Wet-N-Wild lipgloss but also a light pink Chanel lipstick that set me back $20 babysitting bucks. I wore “Society” by Burberry (still love that scent-always makes it in my winter fragrance rounds) and used Aussie shampoo and conditioner in a purple bottle. I don’t remember spending a lot of time on my face back then. I do remember spending a lot of time burning the heck out of my forehead with my curling iron. Those poufs didn’t create themselves!
The gorgeous woman in the photo by Evan Kafka is Amy Zalneraitis. As you can see by her high school photo, she didn’t have it out for the environment as much as I did. We both grew up in the same small town outside of Boston, MA (Holla! Ashland High School!) Amy was a year behind me. We all knew each other pretty well, this is common when the average grade size is 80 kids.

I was at my girlfriend Zoe Alexander’s house and saw (Facebook of course) that Amy was our “mutual friend.” They both had worked in NYC Media together. This is impressive. It is not nearly impressive as Amy and I sharing the same Clocker mascot (no, I am not kidding, our high school mascot was a clock! Ashland is where the first electric clock was invented-thank God we didn’t invent the toilet.)

Amy had great taste back in the day so it makes sense her future would see her lending her tasteful picks on the fantastic site she founded This site has the most unique and fabulous (and funny) finds for even the hardest to please. The price points are low to high and there most certainly is “something for everyone!”

Amy asked me to contribute to her TASTEMAKER 10 and I was very happy to do so! No, all of my picks are not beauty related (a lot of them are though.) They’re varied and ten of the items that I really enjoy. I hope you like my picks, check them out here!

I love how recommends a great bottle of Gourmet Ketchup $9 and then hysterical (and practical!) Suitcase Stickers $25. Want to send a message loud and clear? the Horse Head Pillow $45 may just do the trick! I’m eyeing the 24k Gold Plated Mac Book Pro with Diamond Studded logo. $1,500
I work everyday on my laptop! It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got no bling! Thanks Amy, now I have a gazillion new things to dream about!

What cool items have caught your fancy on
Has Facebook brought your past highschool friends into your future? What do you think of my pics?

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