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When I turned 13, my mother took me to the Clinique counter. I guess she figured she couldn’t deny the inevitable, so it was better that someone show me how to wear makeup properly since I was clearly going to do it anyways! Little did she know what kind of monster she was unleashing… I was so excited though with all my makeup. I OF COURSE had to carry it to school in one of the cool GWP bags that all the other girls had. That didn’t last very long. A couple of broken powder compacts all over your homework. I pretty much officially gave up. I never carry makeup in my bag. Lip products excluded, I just don’t see the point. And occasionally concealer if I’m having a self-conscious acne day. Besides all that, shouldn’t your makeup last all day anyhow? I mean especially if you spend lots of money on it!? Well I know I may be in the minority, but I’ve done some research and I’ve come up with some good tools to have, if, in fact I HAD to carry up a pick-me-up palette with me on a daily basis. A sampling:

Tarte Infinite Glow – has some Park Ave. Princess Bronzer, the famous cheek-stain in Tipsy and a 24.7 lip sheer in in May Flowers. Ok and now that I really look at it, I REALLY want this little palette compact combo anyways. Its pretty cool! And I think $30 is a great price for it! From my experience, Tarte’s magnetic closure compacts are sturdy and tough.

Ok, now the Urban Decay Urban Arsenal ($42) might be a little bit onerous for day-to-day wear but It’s perfect for maybe a weekend travel packing list. Lip plumper, Primer Potion (ESSENTIAL!), gloss, mini mascara, a blush and four wearable but pretty eye shadows all packed in a cute little compartmentalized box! It’s sheer genius.

I also have to say that despite the ridiculously large box and the individual bubble wrapping of all the pieces, the Smashbox Master Class Vol. 2 Set is very packable. The three compacts (bronzer/blush, shadow trio, gloss trio). Are slim and sturdy. A mini primper potion, necessary brushes and Eyeliner are slim and manageable. All you need to add is mascara! $59 for a complete wardrobe isn’t to shabby either.

You can also minimize greatly in the skincare realm. Something like Cosmedicine’s Starter Sets ($48) have everything you need. Cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, exfoliater and treatment. Comes in oily and dry varieties. And the tubes are a good size while still being petite. A lot of bang for the buck.

Obviously I can’t go an entire post without mentioning Caudalie. This recommendation, well, not so practical but still really cool! They have a special trio of travel Beauty Elixirs now for $41 (saving $4!). And the bottles are specially designed and really pretty. Limited edition – don’t wait!

What kits have you ladies going crazy for? Also check Celebrities Anonymous in Meg’s Cocktail Hour -It’s great!

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