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Meg here! I wanted to take a little poll…Who else out there loves their fillers? It has been years since I started them. First it was collagen in the top lip to fill it out starting at the ripe old age of eighteen. Then I moved on to fillers once I hit 25…It’s preventative they say! Kiss

I was in denial I needed glasses and I used to squint for years. I love the quick prick of the botox needle hitting the “angry dent” in between my eyes. I especially love that I know it will completely disappear around the time day 4 rolls around. I’ve tried a lot of great creams but nothing that renders wrinkles invisible like botox.

Dr. Ourian at The Epione Center does my botox and he is working on a bunch of other uses for it as well. On this segment on KTLA, I especially like how I tell all of Los Angeles I’ve had a boob job that got a little sun damage and saggy. The best part is how I must look like a “Christy.” You can watch it around the 2:40 second mark. Surprised

Botox has been used to cure and alleviate migraines, stop excessive sweating, rid the face of lines and now…Dr. Ourian is finding it stops hair loss and promotes new growth.

I know, natural is better, poison is poison…Um..Small-Teeny Tiny poison. With insta-results. After I see my results anyone trying to talk me out of my injections starts to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me.

I actually did not know that Dr. Ourian had this KTLA clip on his homepage. I just wanted to go on and tell the viewers how much his cool laser machine had helped the skin on my cleave look flawless after one quick zap. I was going to tell you all about that later and just wanted to focus on Botox-there went that idea! “Christy” must have taken over!

So fess up fellow syringe lovers! Wait that came out wrong…Fess up botox loving beauties! I know it is not for all of you. If something is driving you crazy and you can just painlessly zap it away then I am all for it! If you don’t trust me just ask “Christy.”

Who else out there is nutty for the needle. How did you like Christy’s performance?

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