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Watch what you ask for, as you may just get it. Until five years ago, I complained about having to file my incredibly strong, long nails every few days. I could leap across buildings in a single bound with nary a dent. My wish was granted, as they morphed from lengthy and resilient to ones that break, split, have ridges, and peel like an onion. If hands and nails divulge your age, I’m at least 95 according to mine. What to do?

I’ve tried a slew of products for nails—nothing helped. I picked up Sally Hansen’s “Nailgrowth Miracle” (generally around $7.00) and was highly skeptical. I tend to abide by the quote, “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.” “Miracle” is not a word I like to see or trust. However, Sally Hansen offers a money-back guarantee (the frugal Drugstore Deal reviewer likes guarantees, and she requests refunds when necessary). This product claims to promote growth in five days. Right, five days—and pigs fly! But Sally wasn’t kidding, as new, stronger nails emerged quickly, so quickly that I found it a bit frightening. My nails were human again, and I was once more able to use pretty polishes rather than hide my nails. Directions say to use every other day, but I was over-anxious and did it daily. It’s recommended for those who bite their nails. That wouldn’t be you, would it? Of course not—what was I thinking?

How does it work? The ingredients include Keratin, a protein which is the base component of nails and is absorbed when applied topically. The added Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) helps to prevent hangnails and synthesizes the production of keratin and collagen in the formula and is, in itself, a tissue/wound repair vitamin. Keratin and collagen stimulate growth, moisturize, and bind the tissue you already have, preventing splitting and peeling. It’s a multi-tasking item, as it can be applied as a base coat to prevent polish stains as it works to heal.

Don’t stop there, please. For total benefits, be sure to take a potent B-complex supplement daily, not just a multi-vitamin. B vitamins are essential for proper functioning of your nervous system and will actually be “pulled” from your hair and nails if you don’t have a sufficient amount for their chief function. If you rely on the RDA’s recommended dosage, you are simply being protected from diseases like the plague (okay, maybe not the plague), but you’re not working toward optimal health or beauty. Moreover, B vitamins need to be replenished every eight hours. In general, they are safe for most women unless taken in extreme doses; discontinue use immediately if any adverse effects occur. Vitamin C is a wonder! It’s a natural tissue healer and is hard to overdo. Any excess is excreted.

Some other tips: File gently, in one direction only, not back and forth. Avoid metal nail files. I love Nailtiques Cushioned Sponge Files, a dual-sided item. The green side permits you to shape with care, and the pink can be use to gently remove dry skin patches, nail ridges, and nail stains. Follow up with their Cuticle and Skin Gel. This powerhouse cream penetrates instantly and will improve the look and feel of even the most ravaged, raggedy cuticles. Avoid using your nails as tools to open packages and shrink wrap; opt for a sharp object to do the job. Skin, hair, and nails are most sensitive when wet—take care here. If you find your hands immersed in water often, use rubber gloves to keep nails strong. If my hands and nails are particularly dry or I want a velvety feel right away, I actually layer hand creams before bed and don cotton gloves so that I don’t wind up with the products in my hair or on my pillowcase. Sexy? No. Effective? Absolutely. It’s not easy looking good, but what price beauty?

Any other Sally or Nailtique followers? I mean how easy, right at your drugstore!

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