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What is in your purse?
Other than my purse being filled with mints and a huge bottle of water… right now I carry around my Nivea chapstick (a must have at all times), MAC blot powder, and my Sexy Curves Mascara.

Guilty Pleasure: Shopping for bras and jeans and mascara. Whenever I go out, I always end up coming back with either of the three or all.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I guess we can call my complexion “chocolately”. I would say I have oily skin (and it really doesn’t help that I’m always touching it :S ), my main skin concern is acne scarring. I don’t get a lot of pimples, but when I do, they have a tendency to leave marks on my face even if I don’t bother them.

Beauty inspiration: I will DEFINITELY give this credit to my momKiss She goes for the natural look by just wearing blot powder and lipgloss and keeping her eyebrows done all the time. Her skin is also gorgeous, she’s nearly 50 yet she still looks 30. I hope to look like that when I’m 50 too.

Top 3 skincare products:
1. Spectro Jel Face Cleanser – feels nice and cool on the skin and keeps my skin clear 🙂 I have tried plenty of stuff and this is the only one that hasn’t actually caused me to break out… I love it! <3
2. St.Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Lotion – love the smell, love the feeling, and it keeps my face and body nicely moisturized throughout the day.
3. Softsoap Exfoliating Body Wash – I don’t generally like bodywashes that have all these extra “moisturizers” in them (and they most do), so this bodywash is perfect since it focuses on exfoliating. Inside of it are little bits of sea salt. Even without using a sponge/loofah/rag you know your skin still gets the exfoliation it needs. So, at the end of every shower my skin comes out feeling nice and soft and smooth.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
1. Eyelash Curler – I can’t believe I went so long without using this before! This plus my mascara has me staring at my eyelashes all the time now 😀
2. Tweezers – these bad boys have me feeling like a whole new woman when I’m done with them <3
3. “Posh” Travel Kit – this set comes with a powder brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, smokey & eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner/brow brush, all in a cute compact pouch. Though I mainly use the powder brush, I like using a brush opposed to using those makeup pads, simply because it just looks and feels more natural to me and evens out better.

Best beauty secret / tip:
Dry and cracked lips are a HUGE no no to me, so after the time you take to brush your teeth, take the toothbrush (or another old toothbrush) and just brush your lips with some water. Cheap and effective way to keep your lovely lips smooth 🙂 oh, and to compliment your smile!

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
1. Smashbox Layer Lash Primer – I already have long lashes, but I’m always looking for a way to make them look even longer and especially thicker!
2. Organics To Clear Skin Kit – even though I’m happy with my Spectro jel, this facial cleanser set sounds pretty effective just by reading some of the reviews. And who doesn’t like organic stuff?
3. A foundation primer – I haven’t exactly figured out which brand I would want to buy, but it definitely seems like a good investment!

Thank you for sharing Antoinette! It’s great to get to know you.
Do you ladies have a foundation primer to suggest to Tonette?

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