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stacybName: Stacy Brinegar

Age: 31

Vocation: Training Specialist for the MathWorks

What is in your purse?
Dove Cream Oil Intensive Body Lotion, Jelly Pong Pong Lip Sorbet in Carmel Chic, Erbaviva Lip and Cheek balm  (great for lips, chapped cheeks and cuticles!). My wallet, phone, work security fob and a picture of my one-year-old son, Kyle. I also have a bottle of water on me all the time, hydration is an essential beauty element!

Guilty Pleasure: A really good book, a really good massage chair and a really good pedicurist. All at the same time! I love my son and husband, but that is some quality ‘me’ time!

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: I have medium skin that tans very well, but can get pretty fair in the winter. It’s pretty normal, a little oily at times around my nose, and my eyes can get very dry in the winter, but other than that, I have no real complaints. I just need a light moisturizer and some under eye concealer and I’m good to go. My only concern is that the less sleep I get, the more the under eye circles are bugging me. I need a good nighttime eye cream that will allow me to wake up refreshed, not puffy or dry and awake. Regardless of how early my son wakes up.

Beauty inspiration: I will always remember my grandmother who passed away about 15 years ago carrying around her little lipstick case with a tiny mirror everywhere. No matter where we went, she was always touching up with this crazy fuchsia pink color that just worked. She was not afraid of color, and knew that the perfect shade can instantly pull you together. I loved that even while suffering from pancreatic cancer, she always had her lipstick on. And it was perfect.

Top 3 skincare products:
– Clinique “All About Eyes” eye cream
– Jergens Natural Glow for Face in medium
– Trish McEvoy’s Vitamin C daily face primer.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
Revlon’s makeup eraser – it’s perfect to get rid of any accidental smudge, eye liner that went a bit too far, and little mascara bits that end up on your eye lids if when you sneeze before it’s dry! 
– An eyelash curle – it’s almost as good as concealer in waking up tired eyes, And a good set of eye shadow brushes. Thin for definition, thicker for sweeping shadow and a slanted brush to get in those creases.

Best beauty secret/tip: In the winter, our feet can get neglected. Especially if you live in a cold climate like Boston! About once a week, I’ll take either a REALLY thick foot cream (Burt’s Bees has a great one, and right now I love Curel’s Foot Cream) or even just straight petroleum jelly and slather it on. All over my heels, toes, balls of the foot, cuticles, etc. And then, I’ll take some thick woolly cotton socks and cover them up for the night. I make sure that the lotion is not fully rubbed in so that it has time to soak in. I wake up the next morning and my feet feel soft, smooth and totally moisturized.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
– I’d like a really deep moisturizing cream for my face and around my eye area that will guard against wrinkles and keep me looking bright and awake. Especially in the winter, my eyes can get really dry, I need that extra protection from December to March! I have my eye on Olay Regenerist Deep Hydrating Cream.
– I’m also looking for a really good shampoo and conditioner that smooth my VERY thick wavy hair but doesn’t cause build up. I use Pantene now, and I have to switch every few months because my hair gets product built up in it because it’s so thick.
– And, I’m dying to try the Diana B products everyone on this site raves about! Maybe the Green Tea and Grapefruit Body Lotion?

Thank you Stacy for sharing all this information with us!
There is nothing that warms our hearts more than grandmas with fuchsia pink lipstick!
True beauty comes from loving yourself – and what’s a better way to declare that love than never giving up your lipstick! Even when you’re old and sick!

Ladies, what is your beauty little thing you’ll never give up?

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