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bandwName: Shay

Age: 26

Proud mature-age student doing higher education the second time around – studying a Diploma of Interior Design specializing in Electronic Presentation. That’s just a fancy way of saying I’m learning to draw my designs on the PC.  ;]

What is in your purse?
I never leave the house without the following essential items:
MAC Studio Fix in NW25 – This is my ultimate foundation – the one and only of its kind that I have been completely 110% satisfied with since first opening its little shell pack that fateful day. This powder based foundation goes on lightly with a handy-sponge applicator that fits under the color shelf of the compact.  It has an in-built mirror for easy touch-ups throughout the day. I find it gives a lovely even and smooth coverage over my t-zone and blends perfectly with my complexion.  It covers imperfections with one swipe and gives a light minimal coverage look that lasts me all day.
MAC Blot Powder in Medium – I can thank my Mother for my naturally oily skin.  Admittedly in 10 years I’ll probably be singing her praises as a certain amount of natural oil tends to help reduce wrinkles developing but let me tell you I wasn’t praising anyone for my oil slick face as a teen! Thankfully in my 20’s I discovered MAC’s Blot Powder in Medium – to match my skin tone. I apply this with a large fluffy brush over my t-zone whenever I feel that familiar ‘shine’ starting to develop. This powder goes on very sheer, allowing me to retain my light make-up look.  It soaks up the extra oil in a flash and turns my nose from shiny to matte in seconds.
MAC Lipstick – I have loads of these and tend to carry around the one I’m wearing on the particular day for touch-ups. I take in my empty MAC containers once I reach 6 and am given a free lipstick for my troubles!  Helps the environment and definitely keeps me in good supply of lovely colorful lips!
– Ipod – I take public transport in a bid to do my bit for the smog that envelopes our world and to help put some more physical activity in my day, so it’s desperately important I take my Ipod everywhere I go.
– Wallet and many store cards – I’m the queen of bargain hunting.  If I can sign up for a loyalty card, rest assured I will! I have probably thirty in my wallet at any one time. They take up more space than my paltry student money these days!

Guilty Pleasure: I’m an avid music listener and can be a bit of a music nerd at times.  I have amassed over some 2,000 albums [shocking, I know!] and I like to think I have some pretty good taste… that said I just can’t go past my penchant for Nickleback for some unknown reason!  My friends tease me mercilessly, but thankfully my partner suffers from the same affliction.  ; ]

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I have a naturally medium complexion that generally turns into an oil-slick every few hours, like clockwork.  I combat this with my blot powder applied whenever the slick takes hold and I use Rosehip oil after cleansing – it’s surprisingly good at making my oily face supple and clear.
I also suffer from eczema on the insides of my arms and legs and sometimes on my neck. For those of you who don’t know what this is think of a hereditary skin disease that causes the skin to become red, dry, itchy and scaly and when it’s particularly bad sites can weep, bleed and crust over. Not a pleasant look or feeling for anyone.
I use the tanning bed once every week for an 8 minute session but it’s not for the ‘bronzed look’ – in fact 8 minutes every 7 days barely gives me any color at all. The reason I lie in that sun-bed is for the vitamin D that miraculously dissolves any trace of my chronic eczema.
I have run the gammut regarding treatments and have used topical creams, oral medications and many many herbal remedies all to little or no avail.  The vitamin D I get from the tanning bed only for a matter of minutes each week is enough to keep my skin healthy and free or any redness, itching and most importantly scarring.
I understand the need to educate everyone about the dangers of solarium tanning and I wouldn’t use them at all if I didn’t suffer from eczema.  Unfortunately I if I want to have “normal” skin I have to use them, and harbor the associated risks.  😐

Beauty inspiration: All of the women on Meg’s Makeup!  Honestly I have never met women so beautiful, wise and amazing in all of my life.  You are all such an inspiration for sharing the tips and tricks that help you to feel your best each and every day.

Top 3 skincare products:
1. Rose hip oil – I am a Rose hip oil addict. There, I said it! The difference between this and other so-called ‘vices’ that people become addicted to is that this lightweight, sensitive skin friendly, hydrating, full of anti-aging antioxidant oil makes skin soft and glowy and actually *gives back* to the person using it – unlike alcohol and cigarettes which take, take, take. I use Rose hip oil as a serum before my skin care routine and massage it in for a bit of a facial if my skin looks particularly ordinary. I also dab it onto my smile lines to plump them up.
2. Lavender oil – When this natural essential oil is dabbed on a pimple you just know its days are numbered! It dries out the blemish almost instantly and acts as a strong astringent to cleanse the site and prevent further break-outs. Dab it on at night and by morning the little blighter should be gone! Like sweet smelling magic! Plus, anything is better than squeezing and leaving awful pock-marks.
3. LUSH Snow Fairy shower gel – I’m a little bit of a LUSH addict as well as a music and rose hip oil addict. Gee, I have an addictive personality, huh? Snow Fairy shower gel is my all-time favorite use-in-the-shower-and-perk-up-instantly product EVER. It’s pink and sparkley, which is enough for me to start squeeing uncontrollably already! Further to that, it smells like a beautiful fruity cotton candy. Is anyone else salivating? It lathers up beautifully in the bath or shower and is gentle enough to use on body and hair, if you’re game. It’s a Christmas limited edition and many LUSH addicts favorite product of all time. If you haven’t tried it do yourself a favor in a few months and buy a bottle – or if you’re like me you’ll buy 6 – enough to get me through until the next Christmas.  ;]

Top 3 tools of the trade:
1. Batiste Dry Shampoo in tropical – I love the convenience (i.e.: excuse to be lazy) that Batiste Dry Shampoo affords me! Sometimes life gets busy. Busy enough to have to go without washing one’s hair as often as one would like, for example. As this happens to me a lot, I tend to use a lot of Batiste Dry Shampoo to cover up the evidence. Just because I have oily hair doesn’t mean everyone needs to know about it! One spray of the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush or Tropical scent varieties and a quick comb-through and my oily roots are hidden and my hair is smelling clean, fresh and most importantly – is looking like it was only just washed.
2. Pop Beauty Eye Magnet Primer – I have been a long-time convert to eye-shadow primer and have used Pop Beauty’s Eye Magnet Primer for the last few years. This sheer skin-colored paste goes on smoothly using the inbuilt click-brush-mechanism and it only needs a few seconds to dry and turn my usually oily and ready-to-crease eyelids into a smooth and matte foundation for my eye-shadow and liner. The formulation nourishes and protects my eyes with a dose of Vitamin E, and ensures my eye makeup stays on all day, without fail.  I’m in love with this stuff and I have no idea how I ever survived without it.  Viva la primer!
3. GHD hair straightener – Oh how I coveted this in the months before I actually took the plunge and spent most of my tax return on having one posted out to me. This bad boy straightens with ceramic plates that leave hair in much better condition than most other heat styling tools. It heats up in a matter of seconds and literally changes a thirty minute nightmare into a 5 minute breeze. Seriously, believe the hype on this one. It’s so worth the money.

Best beauty secret/tip: Baby wipes (yes you heard correctly!). I buy large packs of baby-wipes instead of over-priced specially formulated make-up removal wipes. I have sensitive skin and perfumes and some chemicals can react badly with my skin. When buying wipes I always look for the sensitive variety and on average save at least AU$10 per purchase as well as the convenience of buying in bulk.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:

1. I am always always on the lookout for the perfect sunscreen for the face.  One that won’t turn my already oily complexion into a shiny white extra oily slick within two minutes. I’ve used many so called ‘oil free’ options and nothing stands up. I’m starting to think it’s going to be an endless search.
2. I would love a do-it-yourself waxing kit that a) isn’t too expensive, b) doesn’t irritate my skin and c) isn’t overly messy. Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?
3. My last dream item is a long-lasting lipstick that doesn’t cause my lips to flake after one day of use!

Great to finally get to know you Shay! And what you said is true – having oily skin really prevents wrinkles, or to be more precise, it ages slower than other skin types.
And great tip about empty MAC containers! For every 6 empty ones you get a free lipstick?
Ladies, do you know any other environmentally conscious companies that give back like that?

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