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roxyName: Kellie Hoyt
Age: 23
Vocation: I am a Hair Stylist!

What is in your purse? Besides tons of papers, pens and all that stuff… I have 2 Burt’s Bees chapsticks, a Mark. Juice Gems in fig, a Mark. Glow baby glow luxe lipgloss in petal, a Mark. Metallluscious lip gloss in Opulence and Proactiv Daily Oil control.

Guilty Pleasure: My Guilty Pleasure is anything on Bravo! Housewives of… flipping out, top chef project runway (I know it moved!) I love tv! And a pedicure! I LOOOOOVE pedicures!

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I have fair combination skin. I have awful break outs UNDER the skin which is a pain! I don’t have the big red things but i can never get rid of the little bumps on my forehead! I am always looking for something to help!

Beauty inspiration: People who can do amazing makeup! I can do hair like there is no tomorrow but I am useless when it comes to make up! I would love to be able to do something great! But I’m just dumb when it comes to it!
Top 3 skincare products:
Proactiv is all that i know right now! Ive been using it since I was 16! I recently just switched to something new… I will get back to you on how it works! =D

Top 3 tools of the trade:
1. Kabuki Brush – Love that I can put blush on it close it up, put a top on it and a few hours later i can reapply!
2. Hook ups – Love to hook up a matching gloss and eye shadow! Or switch it up and add a wink stick!
3. Snap to it case – Because it’s magnetized. When my eye shadow or blush runs out I just replace it instead of throwing the whole thing away!

Best beauty secret/tip: On a lazy day home, wash your hair and apply a hydrating conditioner and leave it on for a few hours while you do laundry or clean the house! It will make colored/ over-processed hair feel nice and soft!
Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:  
1. Make up that’s easy for me (me, the make up challenged) to use and play with.
2. A cleanser that WILL actually make my break out disappear like all the other ones have promised.
3. Anything high end that I have never before been able to use but have read and dreamed about my whole life! =D

Great knowing you Kellie! Why is it so hard for you to apply makeup on successfully? Have you experimented enough?
And we love pedicures too!
What’s your favorite place in your area to go for pedicures ladies?

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