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marcellaName: Marcella Wright

Age: 21

Vocation: Full-Time College Student at Bethany College

What is in your purse?
  My purse is fairly empty right now… Here are today’s items: Travel Size Bottle of Bath & Body Works’ Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion, pens and pencils, hair ties, wallet, keys, LG Vu cell phone, white out, Kingston 256 MB thumb drive and a tube of Chapstick.

Guilty Pleasure:
The Internet! I love, facebook and YouTube! I can’t get enough of this networking phenomenon! LMAO 🙂

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: I have light to medium skin, depending on the time of year you ask, lol. And it also is combination/oily. My main skin concerns are: acne, blemishes and under eye dark circles. I use many products for both of these issues and most seem to be doing their job!  

Beauty Inspiration: My biggest beauty inspirations are my sisters! We are constantly trading beauty secrets and we’re always looking for ways to improve our overall appearance.

Top 3 skincare products:

1. Avon Clearskin, Dual Action Anti-Bacterial Cleanser – This cleanser is comparable to high end acne cleansers and only costs around 5 bucks! It removes oils and makeup from my face while gently exfoliating the skin. It’s perfect for men and women, the scent is fresh and oceany; the packaging is gender-neutral.
2. Vita-K Solution for dark circles under eyes – this stuff is absolutely wonderful for saggy under eye skin! It instantly firms and lifts your under-eye area and after a month of use it will reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles. (The biggest down-side, it slightly burns eyes if it makes contact with them).
3. Jergens Natural Glow Face, Daily Moisturizer – This stuff is absolutely wonderful! Unlike many drugstore moisturizers that contain self-tanners, the Jergens’ Natural Glow Face isn’t overpowering! You waft this on your face and once blended the light self-tanner smell disappears! The shade change is so subtle, mistakes are hard to come by! This really is one of the best facial moisturizers out there!

Top 3 tools of the trade:

1. Oral-B Triumph – If I could only use one beauty tool, this would be it! Since I ordered this over a year ago, my teeth have never felt whiter or cleaner! It’s like a mini massage in your mouth! My teeth always feel 99% cleaner and smoother after I use this toothbrush! My teeth feel dentist-clean after each use and best of all, it does no damage to my gums!
2. Earth Therapeutics Organic Facial Scrubber – This is definitely on the top of my must-have list! After each use, using it no more than once a day, my face feels smoother, fresher and healthier. It scrubs away all the dead skin cells and leaves the top layer feeling fresh and smooth. At about 1/12th of the cost of a rotating facial cleanser, this does just about the same job! It’s wonderful!
3. Mario Badescu, Strawberry Face Scrub – This scrub smells so Delicious! It actually smells like real strawberries! The little “scrubbers” inside the face scrub are actually strawberry seeds! I couldn’t give this product a high enough rating… it goes on soo light. The scrub is fluffy in the packaging and a light pretty pearly-pink color. It is the prettiest scrub out there, really! And it will make your skin smell sooo delicious and smooth! It’s a definite must try!

Best beauty secret/tip:
Moisturize every day, start as young as possible! Just ask some of the prettiest people you know who are 65+ and they will tell you their secret to beautiful skin is daily moisturizing.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:  
1. Full set of mark. makeup brushes – right now I just have the travel set and it’s not quite enough for everyday use. I love Mark.’s brushes, they are so affordable, fluffy and most are made of real horse hair.
2. An epilator – it’s like a thousand hair tweezers! I love the idea of only removing body hair once (or less) a week! I hear they are sort of painful to use, but the slow growth rate is also worth the pain… we’ll see. LOL
3. A wider ceramic flat iron – to make getting ready so much faster.

Great and practical picks Marcella!
Very smart of you to include your toothbrush in your favorite beauty tools list!
What do you girls think? Is there a pain-free epilator out there?

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