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lizName: Liz LaMonica

Age: 29 (for a few more months anyway)

Vocation: Marketing for a large Financial Services Company

What is in your purse? In my work bag right now: phone, wallet, iPod, Sophie the Giraffe (how did THAT get in there), my make-up bag which contains: Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick, Maybelline Great Lash Almost Black Waterproof Mascara (BAD allergies), Cover Girl Aqua Smooth in Classic Ivory, Brown eyebrow pencil, Clinique Charcoal Gray eyeliner, Clinique dusty sand eye shadow, a small tube of Abreva, Clinique Happy Perfume Crayon and and a spare pair of contacts

Guilty Pleasure: I love shows like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns:
I have fair sensitive/combination skin. I am always on the quest to look flawless but never seem to achieve my goal. I magically lose my makeup by the end of the day, and I can’t figure it out.

Beauty inspiration: People who look flawless without makeup. I am trying to go sans makeup on the weekends, but it’s not working.
Top 3 skincare products:
1. Neutrogena- Deep Clean Cream Cleanser – I use this in the morning during my shower. I have been using it since I was in high school when I had really bad skin. It was the only stuff that worked without really drying out my skin.  I have become attached and I can’t let go.
2. Neutrogena- Oil Free Moisturize for Combination Skin – See a pattern here? So my theory was, I should stick to like products for my skin routine so I don’t break out (I have really sensitive skin) so after using the Cream Cleanser, I go for the moisturizer. OOOH Boy, this stuff works so well! My skin gets so soft, and it has SPF 15 in it, so I feel safe.
3. Neutrogena Wave –  I am always looking for new stuff to try. I saw this commercial and I thought it looked fun. I use this at night, it really digs the makeup out of my pores and scrubs my skin. I get the exfoliating pads for extra ooomph. I also like it because it’s portable. When I was in the hospital after I had my son, it was great to be able to wash my face without getting a ton of paraphernalia out.  The nurses thought it was pretty nifty too.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
1. Salon Shaper Cordless Manicure Pedicure Nail Kit – It’s so awesome. I can file and buff my nails in about 2 minutes. Think of it as a power drill for your nails with the different attachments. My nails stay firm and look awesome.
2. My Glamour Flat Iron – I can flat iron my hair while it’s still wet!!!  Talk about a time savior!
3. Bare Minerals powder brush – It holds a ton of product, so I don’t have to go back to get more powder to apply.

Best beauty secret/tip: Always apply moisturizer right after you wash your face. It soaks in all the moisturizer and you don’t get those dry patches on your face.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
1. I need some really good bronzer that doesn’t make me look orange, but takes away the pasty white of my face.
2. I need nail polish that won’t chip at the ends the day after you apply. Long lasting manicure!! (I realize that it’s how you apply, but a little help would be nice)
3.Something to get rid of my baby’s cradle cap, that’s not baby oil.  I hate the fact that when I apply it, then have to bathe him first thing in the morning. When I am trying to get ready for work and get him ready for daycare, I need all the time I can get.

It’s so nice to get to know you Liz! And you are right, oily skin tends to lose the makeup soon… have you tried any primers?
Do you girls with allergies use waterproof mascara as well?

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