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In my fantasy life I would have been a famous makeup artist on the cutting edge and in every top designer’s show. I would have every A-List Superstar on speed dial. When that became too hectic a pace I would open a gorgeous makeup and accessories boutique in SoHo with my fine and fabulous things! Damn you Linda Mason! How dare you live the ultimate dream!

I can’t be mad at you. You worked your behind off for it and you deserve all of it!

Here’s to getting to know the fabulousness that is makeup artist extraordinaire…Introducing Miss Linda Mason!

My name and hometown: Linda Mason, Sunderland in the North East of England.

I initially started doing this: In Paris, my life depended on it!

But the path I took towards cosmetics was driven by this: The fact that I could earn a living doing something I enjoyed so much.

I want all women to know this about themselves: They should feel lucky they are not a man.

My goal when applying makeup is this: To accentuate a woman’s personality as well as enhancing her physical beauty.

And for someone at home using my products, I hope you achieve this: A new lover (or at least a good time).

Favorite face I’ve worked on: The woman I am working on at the moment.

Favorite photographer I’ve worked with: Steven Meisel.

Best shoot location I’ve ever been on: The Seychelles with Hans Fuhrer.

I started my line because I couldn’t find this: Pure eyeshadow colors and highly pigmented lipsticks that mix well.

I believe in all of my products but if I could urge each women to try this one (pick your favorite) I would choose: Their own Astrological Melody. Everyone needs to harmonize their outer appearance with their inner spiritual personality at least once in a while.

This sets my line apart from all the others: The product itself is like a woman should be, an Art piece, the outside reflecting the beauty of the inside.

I would die without this product: My transluscent powder in the Earthwoman Jazzypac.

Who doesn’t like Drugstore Deals? What are your favorites? Duo eyelash glue.

What are your 3 must-have desert island items? A big Sun Hat, Long sleeved shirt and my “Mini Masterpiece, Daisy” containing my six favourite lipcolors.

If I were at a bar I’d order this: Depends how I’m feeling but usually a glass of Champagne.

Style influences may vary, but I would say my style is this: personal (my assistant said that it is sensualy edgy).

When I see a women make this mistake I cringe: When I see women drying up their face with too much pimple product. They should massage their face with a moisturizer then just dot the product on the pimple instead of the whole area.

True or False, we’re friends-would you tell me if I had horrendous makeup on? What is horrendous makeup? If I felt that a friend’s makeup was not a true reflection of her personality. I would invite her for a beauty makeup session.

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