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jenskiName: Jeni Emmons

Age: 29

Vocation: Pharmacy Tech and part time student

What is in your purse? My Toshiba Gigabeat (mp3 player), red heart shaped sunglasses, Bath & Body Works Anti-Bac, Bath & Body Works Ruby Red Licorice sparkly lip gloss, Carmindy for Sally Hansen Moisture Plump Lip Balm in Sweet Plum, Maybelline Dream Matte Pressed Powder, Physicians Formula Talc Free Matte Finishing Veil (the BEST for fast touchups), a knife that’s disguised as a tube of lipstick (ya never know when you might have ta kick some ass), Trident Splash Strawberry Lime gum, my 2G flash drive, Bath & Body Works Winter White Fresh Shimmer Roll-On (one of my favorite scents)

Guilty Pleasure: I’m addicted to EBAY. I would rather shop on EBAY than go to the mall anyday. The thrill of the auction and finding stuff that nobody else has!!! Also, I buy wayyyyy too much underwear. And last but not least, my tattoo and piercing addiction. I love enhancing every aspect of myself.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: I am one of the palest people I’ve met. I can never find foundations that are light enough for me. Sometimes I use self-tanner just to match a foundation, haha. I tend to break out if I use heavy makeup or sleep with my makeup on. (Thank DOG for Proactiv) Also, I have mild psoriasis and am always looking for the best lotions and creams to keep my skin soft and smooth.

Beauty inspiration: I’m inspired by music mostly. I like to look the waymusic makes me feel. I’m also inspired by Japanese Culture quite a bit. Traditional and modern both. And lastly, by nature, especially the ocean. The colors, the smells, the beauty of sealife…

Top 3 skincare products:

– I think I’m in love with OLAY’s Regenerist Microsculpting Cream. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I really have noticed a change in the way my skin looks and feels. It’s even helped even out my skintone, which I didn’t expect from it.
Bath & Body Works “Sleep” Black Chamomile Aromatherapy Body Wash and Body Lotion. The scent is heavenly and totally relaxes me after a long day. It also lasts forever. Sometimes, I use the lotion before I head in for busy Mondays at work and it keeps me sane.
ProActiv’s Repairing Lotion is the only thing that keeps me from breaking out. I mix a drop of it with my regular face cream (CVS Luminizing face lotion, a knockoff of Aveeno) and it works wonders throughout the day in keeping my skin clear.

Top 3 tools of the trade:
– I use Tweezerman‘s Corner Eyelash Curler on all my lashes, not just the corners, for a wide-eyed doll look.
Remington True to Light Makeup Mirror (this one is unavailable now but the good ones are expensive and worth it)
Tweezerman tweezers. I think they are the best. The one I use looks like this and has been wonderful at grasping the smallest, finest hairs.

Best beauty secret / tip:
Get lots of sleep. I know I look a million times better when I’m well rested. I feel a zillion times better and am better able to function throughout the day. Also, I drink a cup of green tea morning and night. It’s a natural metabolism booster and antioxidant, so it helps control my weight and keep my body healthier.

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:
Resylane, for lip augmentation
– Laser Hair Removal
Chanel Mythic Lipstick

Great to get to know you Jenski!
Carrying a knife that’s disguised as a tube of lipstick is hilarious! What’s the craziest object in your purse ladies?

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