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Becca Hunter

Age: 25

Vocation: Administrative Assistant/Billing Clerk @ a Waste water Treatment Facility

What’s In Your Purse: My EOS Lip balm in summer fruit. I can’t live without lip balm. My Tide Stick because I can be messy at times. About 4 color lip glosses because sometimes you just need color.

Guilty Pleasure
: America’s Next Top Model. I’ve been watching since day one and I can’t wait for the new season which promises girls that are a little shorter than your average model.

Skin Color, Type & Any Special Conditions: I have fair skin with a pink undertone. It also tends to be very oily. I still get breakouts but nothing like when I was younger.

Beauty Inspiration:
Audrey Hepburn. She was so classy and chic. Her look will always be in style. She was a wonderful person inside and out.

 Top 3 Skincare Products:

1. Cleansing Grains for Oily/Blemish Prone Skin from Soapalaya Soaps on Etsy. Ever since I started using the cleansing routine I was refer to my skin has been in the best shape.

2. Witch Hazel mixed w/Lemon Juice. This works wonders as a toner. The lemon juice really helps zap those pesky zits I still get.

3. Jojoba Oil mixed w/Lavender & Tea Tree Essential Oils. I love this because the jojoba oil tricks my skin into thinking it has produced enough oil. Which means for me that my skin can be matte instead of looking like an oil pit.

Top 3 Makeup Picks:

1. Pink Quartz Minerals. (sold on Etsy) This is THE only mineral makeup I’ve used that has actually given me the results I’ve wanted. Everything else irritated my skin in some degree.

2. EOS Lip balm. It was spotlighted on Meg’s & when I read the article I went on a mission to get it. It really is moisturizing and doesn’t feel cakey. My boyfriend actually enjoys kissing me with it on because it doesn’t rub off on him.

3. Mark Make It Big Mascara. This does just what the name suggests.

Top 3 Tools of the Trade:

1. Kabuki Brush. Truly the best way to apply minerals. I don’t have a favorite brand or anything although I have been eyeing a couple.

2. ELF Blending Brush
. I love this brush. I use it to blend my shadow in. I also use it to blend in color correcter on some stubborn zits or red spots.

3. Mixing Medium. (water & glycerin) I saw this on YouTube and decided to try it. I do like it to apply minerals but it can make it seem too heavy in the summer. I love using it to apply shadows as liners.

Best Beauty Tip: If you have oily skin, try jojoba oil. It works wonders on tricking your skin.

 Three Current Beauty Products You’d Like to Buy:

1. Flat Top Brush from Everyday Minerals

2. The perfect everyday moisturizing lipstick that doesn’t make me look sick because of my fair skin

3.  The pretty new polish colors for fall.

 Thanks Meg for all you do for all us megheads! I can’t wait to read some more spotlights to learn what all the ladies do and use.

Great Picks Becca! So nice to get to know the girl behind the bunny! Any other ladies have the same picks as Miss Gigglebunny?

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