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emyleeName: Emylie

Age: 25

Vocation: Model maker in Lingerie and Corsetery

What is in your purse?
Wallet, little pink umbrella, iphone, ipod, Lip Balm EOS (from Meg, I love it!!!) Benetint from Benefit, Estee Lauder Pink Blush, Nuxe hand cream and a little mirror.

Guilty Pleasure: My first addictive guilty pleasure is buying too many bags… and drink Coca Cola I prefer the real Coke but my body prefers the Diet 🙁 And my little luxury once a month is a relaxing massage at a beauty institute.

Skin color, type and any special skin concerns: Dry and sensitive skin with some redness.

Beauty inspiration: My beauty inspiration/glamour icon is Marylin Monroe – she was so beautiful all the time… And of course all women who feel good in their skin, who enjoy the life whatever their age and weight is!!!

Top 3 skincare products:
Nivea Cleansing Milk – I love it because it is so light and creamy and leaves no trace after one application. And very important: not sticky!
Nuxe hand cream ” Rêve de Miel” – the scent is divine and the texture is rich.
Clarins Cream for sensitive and dry skin.      

Top 3 tools of the trade:
L’Oreal Expert Silver Shampoo – Because I have blond hair and this shampoo is made so you won’t have yellow hair if you’re blond!!!
Benetint from Benefit – my favorite make up product!!! Lovely on lips and cute on cheeks I love love this one!
Helena Rubinstein Eyebrow Pencil in natural Brown – because I’m blond and I have no eyebrows lol I can’t live without it…

Best beauty secret / tip: I don’t have a special tip… Just put moisturizing cream everyday and every night and drink plenty of water… I have just one tip from my mother: she has no stretchmarks because when she was pregnant she put on her belly a lot of moisturizing cream… So I haven’t got any children yet but I will test her tip!!!

Three current beauty products you’d like to buy:  
Fred Farrugia eyeshadow Exclu for Sephora – because I love his concept. Very modern, practical and chic.
– I would like to find a really good lipstick that does not move when I kiss my boyfriend! I tried Chanel, Yves St Laurent, L’Oreal, Nivea… and never found my lipstick, so girls if you have some tips or brand for lips… you’re welcome!!!
– Find a magic formula to have more hair, more volume and a real good shampoo or spray that would make me see a real difference.

Thank you for this note of French air, Emylie!
I love it how over here in Los Angeles, our glamour icon is Coco Chanel
– and over there in France, it is Marylin Monroe! The grass is always greener I guess…
Ladies, do you have any lipstick suggestions for Emylie?

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