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I have a girl crush. I would think Dianne Brill was out of my girl crush league but then I read her book Boobs Boys And High Heels or How to get Dressed in Just Under Six Hours . With the tips in that book I could seduce anyone! So while we may not be meant to be lovers as we both prefer boys, I could still win her over to friend status.

My girl crush deepened into mad love when Megsmakeup first received her amazing and beautiful products. Glosses in bon-bon packages? Lipsticks with kissing tips? Mascara with little fiber lashes that attach to your own with the ease of one swish? I was over the moon!

No wonder she was New York’s IT girl! How can one women be so fabulous? I needed her to let us know!

My name and hometown: Dianne Brill I am a New Yorker, though I was born somewhere else.

My start in life was to:
find people who understood things the way I did, who valued a new idea, a new look, a new sound. People who were supportive, a bit royal, always fire starters, in a way to find my tribe.

But the path I took towards cosmetics was driven by this…
Modeling for Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Thierry Mugler, becoming New York’s Queen Of The Night and authoring a book Boobs Boys and high heels or how to get dressed in just under six hours. Natch, the beauty business has its creative pull power for me.

I want all women to know this about themselves…
Playing with your feminity, your freedom to adore yourself, to comfort and adore yourself on the outside to the inside, is empowering to a woman. The Luscious world of feminine icons and clichés, paints and sweet powders is a great place for a Gal to play.

My goal is to bring each user of my products this… I designed my beauty line to speak to a woman in a very personal way. I deliver to her a Feeling -the one she gets when she opens up a pretty present full of sparkling jewelry, beautiful lingerie, or the most precious little bon-bons.That Feeling she deserves and absolutely will get with Dianne Brill Cosmetics.

I believe in all of my products but if I could urge each woman to try this one (pick your favorite) I would…
Begin with our lip plumping treatment lip glosses with a 20 percent vitamins, more than any gloss on the market (all major brands have none) The package will please you, the colors I designed using refined finest cosmetic grade pigments from Germany (where we make the gloss) technology borrowed from the auto industry. So the colors all reflect the light on two or three levels. So sexy on your mouth. Great in party light and candle light.

Style influences vary, I would say my style is most like this…
Ultimate quality Prestige with class and playfulness, Colors to get you kissed in with a wink of royal confidence .

I started my line because I couldn’t find this…
Colors that move in the light that are eye catching and pretty on the face, ultimate treatment quality products that understand fashion and playful sexuality that are in the nature of a modern woman.

But I deliver this with each product:
That feeling that even in your beauty products you are respected and celebrated by Dianne Brill.

When I see a women make this mistake
Hard looking lip liner oops…

My products care about the way you look like no one else’s because of this…
I know what a woman wants and I am personally obsessed with giving it to her.

Lastly, if I were at a bar I’d order this…
A shiny table knife to use as a mirror to check my make -up in.

True or False, I’m going to tell you when there’s spinach between your teeth…absolutely, and I will share my knife trick with you!

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