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amysmithName: Amy Smith
Age: 26

Vocation: Full time waitress and full time college student.

What’s in Your Purse: 3 Mark hook up lip glosses, 1 Tarte lipstick, 1 Urban Decay eyeliner in zero, 1 Urban Decay eyeshadow in midnight cowboy, 1 Urban Decay makeup bag, nail clippers, Burt’s Bees rescue ointment, hair brush, wallet, cell phone, notebook and a pen, Bliss hand cream.

Guilty Pleasure: Beauty magazines – I have a subscription to Cosmo, Glamour, Lucky, Allure and InStyle.

Skin color/type/special skin concerns: I’m pale, as in PALE.  I have normal skin but I do have some older leftover scars from blemishes when I broke out in my early 20s.  Barely a zit in high school.  And now I just get the occasional red bump on my face.

Beauty Inspiration: Color! I love color. I get inspiration from TV, movies, internet, magazines and real life.

Top 3 Skin Care Products:
1. Mark. That’s Deep Cleanser –  Really keeps my skin clean and smells pretty decent too! 
2. Bliss Vanilla and Bergamot Lotion – The smell is wonderful and pleasantly calm. It makes my skin super smooth
3. Bliss Lid and Lash Makeup Remover – Only need a small drop of this to get off even primer potions!

Top 3 Tools of the Trade:
1. Mark Blush/Bronzer Brush – This puts on the perfect amount of blush. 
2. Urban Decay EyeShadow Brush – This brush lays the eyeshadow out really nicely. 
3. Colgate Wisps – Out and about but just ate a burger with onions? These help in a pinch to get rid of bad breath!

Best Beauty Secret: Learn to work with what you have.  Don’t wish for how you would like your body to be. Embrace what you have and who you are!

3 Current Beauty Products I’d Like To Buy: 
Urban Decay’s new nail polish set
Urban Decay’s 24/7 Super Eyeliner Stash
Urban Decay’s Eyelash Primer Potion (I am absolutely obsessed with Urban Decay!!)

Great to get to know you Amy!
We loved your beauty secret: lean to work with what you have. SO wise and honest and simple.
What are your beauty secrets ladies? Send your answers to us, we need more Megheads!

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