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AnastasiaWorkingMissRo here! What do Penelope Cruz, Oprah, and Jennifer Lopez have in common? It has to do with their eyebrows… Give up? It’s the one and only Anastasia Soare, Celebrity Brow and Eye expert! I have been so excited that we have been working with them and reviewing their products. My goal, of course, is to be able to meet her, because all I ask is that she takes one look at my brows and tells me if they look good or not, and what I need to do to make them better. So, I’m hoping to make an appointment one day at her Beverly Hills studio. Until that happens, we can get a taste of how Anastasia Beverly Hills came to be. Enjoy!

*My name and hometown – Anastasia Soare Los Angeles, CA

*My start in life was to do this – To be an architect

*The path I took towards cosmetics was driven by this – Two years before I came to the US in 1989, my husband suggested that I
focus on beauty as more Eastern European estheticians were in demand versus architects. I needed to figure out a profession that would make me employable right away.

*I want all women to know this about themselves – With enough ambition and commitment you can do anything you set your mind and heart to.

*My goal is to bring each user of my products this – Expertise for the products that I stand behind. I personally do not ever want to use a product that the creator would not consider using, this is why I have a very long R&D process for my products; I test it myself, on my clients and share them with my friends. The results are products that I use and love and my consumers can feel good about wearing.

*I believe in all of my products, but if I could urge each women to try this one (pick your favorite) I would – Clear Brow Gel, it’s the easiest way to shape up your brows instantly.

*Style influences vary, I would say my style is most like this – Classic and glamorous with a dash of up to date trend.

*I started my line because I couldn’t find this – In 1997 I opened my first salon and there were no products for brows, I

used to use MAC eye shadows but aside from a taupe shadow which I used on blondes the other shades were too dark to satisfy my various brunette and red head clients. I would spend an extra 10 minutes just blending colors to finish my clients, and I could not advise them to buy 3 eye shadows to blend for one brow shade. I decided to start a line to satisfy all brow needs.

*I deliver this with each product – Perfectly matched colors and quality ingredients.

*When I see a women make this mistake I cringe – What can I say there are a few brow mistakes but the most common would be extreme over tweezing, it changes the entire appearance of ones face.

*My products care about the way you look like no one else’s because of this – I still work in my salon 4 days a week, so I use product on various clients to ensure the right look. We all know that a lip color or pencil could look great when you test on your hand but the second you put it on it can be a different story. I do all the work for you so you don’t have to worry about looking overdone or unmatched in shade.

*Lastly, if I were at a bar I’d order this – Lychee Martini

*True or False, I’m going to tell you when there’s spinach between your teeth – Absolutely true, I would want someone to tell me.

Well, there you have it! And that Lychee Martini sounds delicious, I think I need to try one this weekend!

So, Megheads, what was the most interesting thing you learned about Anastasia? Have you ever gone to her Beverly Hills Studio?

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