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Garment Guard Underarm Sheilds Style !

Garment Guard Underarm Sheilds Style !

The never-let-them-see-you-sweat PR mavens for Garment Guard sent us packets of their “Underarm Shields” to test.

I don’t have a sweating issue. I can go days with-out deodorant. To be fair, I’m hardly alive. I probably don’t suffer from sweating as I also do not suffer from a heartbeat. When I go to have my pulse taken (before my Botox shots) the nurse always looks at me weird because she can’t find my pulse. After the third try she found some life and all is good. I’m not active or athletic, “Breaking a sweat” sounds painful to me. I don’t like to break anything. This product meant nothing to me when it arrived.

However, some of the MMT’s shouted out in joy (like we had a Chanel shipment or something) over this underarm shield. Apparently these women have pulses and sweat.

One of our anonymous Meg’s Make-Up Official Testers (Kate) told us a sweet story on how she got drunk and rocked out the karaoke mic (oh dear). She was telling us, how she was so rockin’. She was living the life. She got back her photos and had huge armpit stains under her groovin’ arm and the mic. She was mortified.

This is not an isolated story. Another MMT that shall remain anonymous (BeBe) is a fierce sweater. These things retail for like, $2 bucks, when they came in I had to beat Bebe to only take 2 pair.

Garment Guard claims “Garment Guard is a disposable, self-adhesive, skin-tone-colored, cotton disc that adheres to the inside of clothing”.

Ladies please post if this sweat absorber really builds confidence or if our anonymous testers (Kate & Bebe) should just stay in the a/c?

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