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Happy ThanksGigi here! Help–please pray that Miss Meg pardons this turkey (as in me) much like the president for skipping a product review to offer thanks.  To be perfectly honest, I cannot help myself–the keys are typing by themselves because this is the consummate holiday to express what you mean to me  I am greatly blessed with my family, but I consider you my “second” family.  Take that as a huge compliment, please.

Ah, where to begin?  With Miss Meg, of course, a petite and gorgeous one with a heart the size of a football field who sincerely loves her reviewers and, more importantly, her readers!  Who else would plan a trip to the Madonna Inn and allows readers to earn makeup?  Who else bares her soul so that we are comfortable relating the events in our own lives?  Who else works non-stop to give it her all and does?  Who else takes a stand on issues like Michael Vick?  There is another quote I love which she embodies:  “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” (~Edmund Burke). She has set the platinum standard for beautiful women, from inside to out.  We are the few, the proud, the Megheads!  It’s okay that I learned you are basting your turkey in pink, Meg, after applying cosmetics and dressing it.  (Not stuffing–she’s using real outfits and putting the bird in variations of fuchsia frocks before and after it is cooked.  She’s a fashionista and a beauty diva.)  We still love you more than you can fathom!

Some other personal expressions of gratitude in alphabetical order:  Baby Love, I have no idea where you find the amazing products you introduce and critique, but your work rocks (thinking of a cradle here), and the affection you feel for your little one is palpable and admirable. 

Eleni, I appreciate your explaining trends of Greece and the time you must devote to e-mails, organization, and so much more.  Do you ever sleep?  How is there hair left on your pretty head? Kindly write more about Greece.  Or just pay for my travel there–your choice.

Goddess Granny, I need to applaud you for the continued kindness of your heart, insight and wit, and the hot way you pole dance.  I guarantee that my grandmothers would not have followed suit.  Mine would have polished the poles with a cleanser and a cloth!

Jeanasina the lovely, we guffaw at your humor even when you are disseminating useful information.  Please learn how beautiful you are and keep telling us of your down-home experiences to keep us in stitches.  Whoops!  I guess it’s time for a “debauched” kitchen again for you if you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Megken, are you or aren’t you going to have an affair with Goddess Granny?  Inquiring minds want to know and have been waiting for you to spill.  Thank you for the filming and all of the behind-the-scenes work you do with humor.  And I toast you with your favorite, a root beer float! 

TanteJoan, you bring a sense of esoteric advice and hilarity as well, some of the finest prose I have ever read, including that of Shakespeare and Tolstoy (okay, so I exaggerate but not by much.)  You have elevated the humble critique to a lofty read!  I keep a dictionary nearby when I peruse your pieces and I’m learning about products and our language at the same time.

Miss Ro, I am grateful for your wading through thousands of e-mails and still giving detailed and thorough reviews of products and actually might hit you–I want everything about which you write (and I often spend more than I should). 

Sharond, how would we possibly continue without your wise words and learning to read the ingredients?  I find myself with my reading glasses trying to see what chewing gum contains before popping it into my mouth.  The education is appreciated.  Your expertise with a sewing machine and your creations make me do a Rumba!  Your sense of style is to be cherished.

Stylemama, I am also now a card-carrying member of Tea Tree Oil Foundation™ .You are dear and sweet and your girls are amazing.  Just in case you need cooking advice, leave the TTO O-U-T of your turkey.  The bird is already dead and cannot be cured by you or even the doctor Stylepapa., you found the cologne which no man can resist when you told us of Coty’s Wild Musk.  I have yet to wear it without getting attention from the opposite sex about my fragrance.  And you join the ranks of the comical where we learn while we think we’re just having fun.  Too bad your first love isn’t covered in boils and bald!  You know the one–“THE” ex!  He lost out big time.

I am most thankful to the readers, those of you who share your own stories and pictures and keep me howling and my dog looking staring as if she wants to return to the Humane Society rather than stay with a nutcase like me.  You are the muses who inspire us, the force that drives us, the group that teaches us, the impetus to give our best.

We love you; we really, truly love you and give thanks to God for you!  Have a most relaxing and joy-filled Thanksgiving!

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