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Tantejoan here! Hands up!  How many of you who are wage slaves brush after lunch?  Floss?  Come on, it’s just me asking.  I’m curious, because I can’t say I always have been as assiduous as I could be about what my dentist, Dr. Mike, has dubbed Oral Hygiene: The Office Shame.  According to Dr. Mike, my big, strong, white teeth will look lovely in a box in my top dresser drawer unless I start paying more attention to the lunch hour.  And I hang my head to admit it, he is absolutely right.
It is so easy to take good care of teeth when we are at home, isn’t it?  I have a Sonicare brush that is my morning and nighttime companion, usually employed while the television news is on, although I have been known to turn it on whenever Mario Lopez cranks out the Mantourage segment at 7:15 p.m.  Anything to drown out those guys!  But in general, if Dr. Mike were able to spy on me at home – something I sometimes fear he can do – he would beam and nod approvingly.  And he would never have to threaten me with that Box-o-Teeth, based solely on home care.

But there is the office.  It’s hard.  I’m on the go a lot of the time, snatching up lunch in between meetings or chowing down on a desktop salad while I’m writing a proposal.  Worse, I sometimes inhale a Campbell’s Soup at Hand while on the phone.  I tell myself I don’t have time to get the key, make the trek to the women’s room, toting brush, paste and floss, just to flush out all those lurking scraps of arugula and carrot sticks.  I’m kidding myself, though.  That yogurt, so good for my intestinal flora, is manufacturing plaque before I even toss the carton, not to mention the stains the accompanying fresh blueberries (full of anti-oxidant goodness) leave on my enamel.  I do need to brush.  I do, I do.

And now, guess what?  I do.  All because on a recent trip to Ottawa I found, in a CVS (yes!  Canada is in North America, and CVS is there.) one of those combination toothbrush-cum-paste thingies that so tempt the frequent traveler.  Tempt yes, but how many times has the promise been a cruel disappointment?  Too many.  This time, however, my CVS find was so good that I have since purchased and repurchased it in the Lower Forty-Eight ( or the U.S.A., to us).  It’s my Drugstore Deal, as I sub for Gigi, whose teeth are always impeccably groomed.

Fresh&Go™ is advertised as “Americas #1 Travel Toothbrush” and it is easy to see why.  For starters, it is a full-sized brush with a sturdy barrel-handle that is filled with a pleasant-tasting, minty paste.  Its head is also full-sized, and has its own removable cap.  Midway down the length is a rounded ratchet that brings up as much or as little paste as the user requires, so you control how much you use for each brushing.  The bristles are soft but sturdy and rinse cleanly.  It costs $1.99 and lasts a long time.  How long?  I brushed regularly all through my past three trips and haven’t used more than half the supply of paste.  In fact, there is no reason why one could not use this as an everyday toothbrush and just forego the added expense of a tube of Colgate, were it not for Mr. Sonicare standing at attention on my bathroom shelf.  He vibrates.  Mr. Fresh&Go™ does not.  And he knows it.

In the office, though, Fresh&Go™ reigns supreme.  It is easy to use, hard to avoid, and with relatively little mess or paraphernalia to carry, it can make the trip to and from the women’s room without announcing in that neener-neener way, “I’m brushing my teeth, and you’re not.”  But, you know, I AM.  You can, too.  CVS.  $1.99.  Be there.  You know, you probably have a top dresser drawer, too.

Any of you other ladies as disciplined and brushing your pearly whites at the office? Tried Fresh & Go?

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