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Katie here and for the record, I am with all you ladies who responded to Meg’s post about Cindy McCain. If you’ve got it flaunt it. And she is a little bit older. She looks much less ridiculous in pearls and Chanel, and Oscar than some 22 year old wannabe ever will. Less is not more. More is Fabulous.

Speaking of gluttony, I have like 10 different mascaras and I never have any problem accepting/buying/trying more. I have my night-time going out mascaras…my tinted moisturizer and hat on my head mascaras, and my everyday daytime mascara.

This last category recently evolved a new front runner. Enter: Fresh Firebird Mascara ($26). It comes in a pretty peacock green and gold tube. The brush is also rather unique. The wife of the Fresh founding couple took her old Supernova mascara wand and attacked it with tweezers. The more sparsely haired Firebird brush truly gives you feathery, soft, and LONG lashes. And I do mean soft, long, and SEPARATED. No combing required. It’s a must-have.

Oh, and P.S. I just noticed the new interactive feedback/review features on and it’s addictive!

Any other fans of Fresh?

Fresh Buy It Here

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