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Meg here, I have a confession, if I were an Indian I would be called “Cheif Stinkfoot”. Sexy, I know. I do have to preface it, It does depend on the shoe. 15 years ago, do you remember when Sam & Libby made those cute ballet flat shoes? I took my sophomore self to the local Payless and bought them in every color. I was about to engage in a hot and heavy make-out session when I kicked one ballet flat to the floor and had my Cotillion date say “Oh my God, what is that smell?” Mmmm, frisky!

Alright, Maybe $9.99 faux leather shoes do not help the cause but whats a girl to do? I mean, there’s not really another step I want to add to my routine and foot deodorant just doesn’t seem very glamorous. A woman applying a sexy lipgloss=glamour, A women applying foot deodorant=ick.

It could be just me, but if scent wafts upwards and heat maximizes the, uh, um scent (yes! Scent! That’s it) then maybe I want to have a flowery bloom or citrus burst fragrant my feet.

Fragrant Footings- Step Into True Luxury!
Bring fine essential oils to your feet – straight from the garden. Each time friction takes place, our step-to-release technology transfers to your feet microscopic bursts of the finest dry, natural aromas. So your feet get an awesome kick of fragrance – not the room! Dermatologist tested. Hypoallergenic.
Garden Party Lemon – what freshly sliced lemon adds to pretty cocktails
Kiss Me Till Morning Mint – a breathtakingly cool mint
Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine – a freshly-picked-from-the-garden essence

I LOVE that these are just peel and stick, no funny glues or tapes needed! We got all different sizes to test, from full sole to just ball of feet in an array of the three lovely scents. Now that I’m an adult I’m lucky enough to have a healthier budget for fine footwear, this does help keeping your foot from smelling like the sewer. The only thing is, now it’s summer, and it’s hot outside and I’m wearing ridiculously high heeled sandals and I want to cuddle up next to someone and I want them…not to pass out.

Ladies, let me know if fragrant footings make you brave enough to march into Payless and buy some $9.99 knock-offs?

Fragrant Footings Buy It Here!

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