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Attention residents of Megville! It’s Jeanasina time once again and that means it‘s Body Beautiful Wednesday! Run and get your ice cream and a spoon and don’t forget your eye make-up remover pads (this might be a very moving review) – and let’s get started!

I am about to take you with me on my very own first trip to the world of firmology by benefit! (note they use a small ‘b’ in benefit.) On the back of the container is says, “contains beautiful light-reflecting pigment – helps to make the skin appear more youthful, brighter and smoother – lightweight & oil free – sexy serum for face & neck-collete.” The front says ‘firmology – the science of sexy skin. WE SHALL SEE! I have been using this since I got it in the mail a few days ago. I wish I could hold my face up to the screen on review day and have all of you tell me what YOU think! We could put little voting buttons on your computers and I’d say something like, “Which side looks more youthful? A or B? Then you’d all push the voting buttons from home! I of course would have my face pressed up good and close to the computer screen from this end so you could see my pores and be able to look for smooth tight patches of skin. Now try to imagine someone you live with coming into the room and seeing the close-up of MY face on your computer screen! That same person would probably point at your monitor and ask you “What the hell is that?” Of course at that moment we’d know there would be no point in even voting as obviously the product didn’t really make me look as fabulous as I was hoping.

So since I can’t have you vote on line – I’ll have to do this work myself. Ok so…ON ME…a few things I experienced. First of all, after I put it on I noticed my skin kind of flaked so it was hard to put my liquid makeup on over it. Then I’d have to say it stayed a bit tacky for quite awhile. Now the thing is…it could be because I I use other products on my face too, so this might not be YOUR personal experience with the product. I think I did experiencethe light-reflecting pigment effect – however I’m still kinda waiting to see the face and neck firming action. I also felt like it felt almost cool on my face for quite a few minutes. Now, this is just what MY experience is for just a few days now. Before I started with the firmology I researched it on the internet and I CAN tell you I read lots and lots of 5 star reviews on THIS product so I want to continue to use it and see what my final results are! The best tell for me is if some random person comes up to me and asks me what I have been doing to my skin because it looks fabulous! I have had people tell me that so I know it shows when things look better than usual. I don’t think anyone has noticed any difference on me – YET!

This is my first experience with reviewing for benefit so I am very excited to mention the following story…I told my neighbor I was doing a review on firmology for benefit and when she heard me say the name ‘benefit’ her eyes got as big as fried eggs and her hands went up to her face which had COMPLETELY ’lit up’ and she said with total abandon and joy… “I LOOOOOVE BENEFIT!!!!” and then she proceeded to give me a small narration on how she doesn’t use anything else but BENEFIT make-up! Apparently she just was going to ’try it’ one day and immediately she was sold and never used her old products again! To see that reaction to the name on a product brand really says something!!! After witnessing her euphoria and enthusiasm concerning benefit I’d like to try pretty much everything else benefit makes because it has to be quite spectacular to have a user react like that!!

Product Description:
THE toning & smoothing serum for face & neck-colleté, leaves skin radiant and silky to the touch. Rated “S” for sexy, firmology is clinically proven to firm, tone, smooth and revitalize your complexion for a more youthful glow. Lightweight & oil-free, with a luminous light-reflecting pigment…this serum is so sexy you’ll be tempted to call it “complexion lingerie”

I’ll end with this… I read another review on the internet concerning a girl who’s husband never notices anything she does but after getting a small order of benefit cosmetics and trying them out her husband came home one day and told her she looked ‘hot’! She was blown away at what a difference benefit products made to her apperaance! I have GOT to try more of their products! Have an “I enjoy being a girl” rest of your week!

Anyone else finding the fountain of youth through Benefit?

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